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Exploring Big Data with the OpenDNS and Pandora research teams

Last Thursday OpenDNS hosted 150 guests from the SF Data Mining meetup group for a night of insightful talks on Big Data. After filling up on plenty of beer and pizza, attendees made their way upstairs to enjoy presentations from…

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Enough about Big Data. Let's talk Big Information.

Editorial note: During April and May, OpenDNS CTO Dan Hubbard will share his thoughts on where security will see the most disruption in the near future in this five-part blog series.

CHANGE #4: Turning BIG DATA into BIG…

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Flashback: Much ado about something

For several days now we have been keeping a close eye on all the news about Flashback, the malware package designed to steal personal information from Mac users. Early reports have indicated that more than 600,000 machines are…

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Phishing, PayPal and the Challenges of Reporting Accurate Data

After we published our 2010 year-end report, a number of people asked us why PayPal was targeted so frequently by online scammers — it stands out as one of the most phished brands in our report by a wide margin. In reviewing how…

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2010: The Numbers We Saw

When we look back at 2010, one of the things we’ll remember is how ubiquitous social became online. Facebook exploded, Twitter grew up, people “checked in”, and almost every website seemed to develop some sort of social…

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We've Given the Dashboard a Fresh Coat of Paint!

We’re always working to make OpenDNS even easier to use, and we’re happy to roll out some improvements today that make accessing all of the features and statistics you rely on even easier. Users logging in to their OpenDNS…

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Milestone: 20 billion DNS queries in 24 hours

Yesterday we hit a milestone big enough and important enough to share. In just 24 hours we successfully answered more than 20 billion (!) DNS queries, doubling the number we handle per day since April of this year when we…

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OpenDNS: more volume than the NYSE

How do you understand big numbers?

OpenDNS does ~3 billion DNS requests daily, with around 450 billion all-time so far. Big numbers, but tough to comprehend.

Recently, we changed the stats number at the top of every page of our…

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OpenDNS resolves 300 billion requests, no downtime

Earlier today, OpenDNS resolved its 300,000,000,000th DNS request. That’s two months after hitting 200 billion, and five months after resolving our first 100 billion. In the past two weeks, we’ve been resolving more than 2 billion…

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Visualize your DNS with the OpenDNS Dashboard

Our users tell us they want power and intelligence. Or rather, our users want intelligence about their network and the power to make changes. Today we’re taking it up a notch, turning your OpenDNS Account into a comprehensive…

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