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New datacenter live: Amsterdam

Two weeks ago I was in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, doing an installation and am happy to report that as of today, that site is online and serving production OpenDNS traffic. One of the neat things about OpenDNS is that we use…

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Introducing Best Path Networks

Since we launched OpenDNS three years ago, I’m proud to say we’ve made tremendous strides in our quest to make the Internet better. The innovations and improvements we’ve made to the DNS – a 25 year-old system that…

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Getting started gets even easier

Now that Halloween is over, we embark on the two month journey through the American holiday season. I love the holidays; it’s all togetherness and helping others and giving thanks from here.

In that spirit, I got to thinking…

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Update the world with DNS-O-Matic

Today I’m pleased to introduce a new, free service which makes the Internet easier to use for the hundreds of millions of people with a dynamic IP address: DNS-O-Matic. DNS-O-Matic gives you a free and easy way to announce your…

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Thanks for help with D-Link and Actiontec routers

A brief note to say thank you to the several individuals who responded to our request for help on router instructions. We’re using the many useful emails and comments we got to cover the requested D-Link and Actiontec routers. We…

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D-Link, Actiontec, Blackberry users: We need your help!

Update: We’ve gotten great response from D-Link and Actiontec customers. No need to send anymore. Still waiting on confirmation about Blackberry.

We realize there are lots of popular (and not-so-popular) routers and modems we…

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More instructions for changing your DNS settings

When we launched three weeks ago, we had a reasonable cross-section of instructions for some of the most popular routers and operating systems. We knew, of course, that there are many, many different devices and scenarios, and…

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