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Instructions for faster DNS on your mobile

Phones, PDAs, and every other mobile device smaller than a laptop and bigger than an iPod Shuffle needs DNS for web browsing, among other things. With speedier networks, the mobile web is getting more and more useful…and speedy…

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One week of listening and learning

One week ago, OpenDNS opened up its free DNS service for everyone to use. It’s been a fun week, with lots of feedback. It’s great to be listening to customers, rather than predicting (guessing) what the reaction will be.


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First article about OpenDNS appears in Wired News

“Site-Lookup Service Foils Fraud” is Ryan Singel’s Wired News writeup about OpenDNS. Ryan and Kevin Poulsen, senior editor at Wired, publish 27BStroke6, a blog about security and privacy, so they grokked what we’re doing –…

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You have a choice in DNS

I’m inspired by Simon Phipp’s post “Freedom to Leave” [via Tim Bray]. Simon’s talking about the openness of technology formats and standards, and reminds us all:The fastest way to send early adopters packing is to make your cool…

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