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OpenDNS - helping those who help themselves

This is my first blog post here at OpenDNS, though some of you may know me from answering your support emails. It is not unusual, however, for our own users to sit in the tech support seat themselves and offer help to others…

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Extreme makeover: edition


Here at 199 Fremont Street we’re all exhaling a deep, collective sigh of relief. We’ve spent the last several weeks revamping every single page of our site to make it easier to use, and its fitting that we finished it on a…

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I have this friend, who saw this website...

The Internet is a big place and even with the best filtering you will eventually stumble upon a site you wish you could just “un-see.” Unfortunately, we can’t erase that mental picture from your mind, but we can let you help…

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Some feedback for a Friday?

It’s a Friday and it’s warm out. So naturally I’m heading to a datacenter with George to go rack some gear. :-) Before I head out, I wanted to do a quick post and let people know that we’ve expanded our testimonials page a bit…

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OpenDNS Proxy FAQ

Please read our post about Google and Dell and then ask the really technical questions here. This way we don’t have to annoy our regular users with the technical details of how we’re doing our URL redirections.

I’ll do my best…

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OpenDNS Forums: You've got questions. Lots of us have answers.

We launched Forums today for you to provide a venue to discuss the world of OpenDNS. This isn’t a weak attempt to get rid of support but is a new way for our users to communicate with us and each other. We are focused on…

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How OpenDNS saved Caio's job

We get lots of email, everyday, from our customers. Most of the emails are similar in topic – someone asking how to use OpenDNS with their setup. But every once in a while an email comes through that’s so touching we pass it…

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Five questions with an OpenDNS user: Mike Lucas

OpenDNS note: Mike was one of our first users. He turned us on way back in July!

Mike Lucas
Professional Geek

OpenDNS: How did you first learn what DNS stands for?

ML: Hard to remember exactly when. I’ve been very interested…

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Five questions with an OpenDNS user: Richard Hughes

We have so many great users and have been considering, for a while now, different ways to show our love. Out of those discussions the idea of “Five questions with an OpenDNS user” was born. This will be a recurring post category…

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Spam fighters (DNSBLs) can now correct typos

I’m doing this blog post in two pieces; a short explanation up top and then a more technical explanation down below. Pick one or read both and learn a bit. :-)

Just the facts
If you want to use OpenDNS nameservers and DNSBLs (DNS…

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