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Flashback: Much ado about something

For several days now we have been keeping a close eye on all the news about Flashback, the malware package designed to steal personal information from Mac users. Early reports have indicated that more than 600,000 machines are…

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The Advantages of Malware & Botnet Protection at the DNS Layer

We don’t often take to the blog to talk about some of the more advanced OpenDNS Enterprise security features, like our malware and botnet protection, but we know a lot of organizations rely on them to keep their networks secure…

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Do you have Conficker? Find out in your OpenDNS account.

Here at OpenDNS we’ve spent the past several months working to keep you safe from the Conficker worm. Using the OpenDNS service is widely considered to be one of the easiest and most guaranteed ways to protect your network. And…

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Worried about Conficker on April 1? Setting up OpenDNS can protect your network.

Editorial note: OpenDNS now provides comprehensive malware and botnet protection for businesses and schools. Learn more.

By now you’ve likely heard the speculation that April 1, April Fools Day, is the date Conficker kicks…

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