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Become an OpenDNS moderator and join a passionate community

As the OpenDNS community manager, I will never run out of good things to say about OpenDNS domain tagging moderators. These volunteers are responsible for making OpenDNS’s Web filtering the safest and most useful it can be for…

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Call For Applications: OpenDNS Looking for Domain Taggers

That’s right, folks.  It’s that time again!  We’re looking for some new volunteers to join the crew and help out with the domain tagging community!

OpenDNS moderators are Internet security superheroes that make sure our Web…

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Introducing new Web filtering categories from OpenDNS

Today we announce several improvements to the Domain Tagging system, our content categorization engine, as well as two new categories that you can enable for your networks, effective immediately.

As with every new feature we…

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Announcing: Firefox Toolbar for OpenDNS Domain Tagging is Here!

One of the best things about the OpenDNS Domain Tagging system is that it’s a community effort, and anyone who uses OpenDNS has the opportunity to get involved and make the Internet safer. Each day, the Domain Tagging Community is…

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OpenDNS's Free Parental Controls Protects Your iPads, Kindles, and mobile devices too!

Gadgets proved especially popular in my family this past holiday season, as I’m sure it did for many others. My brother got an Xbox 360, while my mom loved her new Kindle Fire. Meanwhile, friends of mine around the office…

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Become an OpenDNS Moderator, and Improve the Internet for Everyone

OpenDNS moderators are Internet security superheroes that make sure our Web filtering is the safest and most useful it can be for millions of people around the world, and they are invaluable to Internet safety and the safety of…

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Some Thoughts on the Approval of .XXX

Late last week, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) gave final approval to a new top-level domain, or TLD. It’s one that people have been debating, proposal, advocating for, and advocating against for…

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Introducing FamilyShield Parental Controls

Kids get into all sorts of things they shouldn’t get into online. And we know parents want to protect their kids from what’s out there. They want to know that what they’ve set up is effective, up-to-date and always working. …

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The Risk is There: Researchers Connect Pornography and Malware

At last week’s Workshop on the Economics of Information Security — an annual conference held at Harvard — new research (PDF) was presented showing the link between pornography and malicious online practices. When the…

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Adult Site Blocking has a new category: proxies

Does this sound familiar?

You labor, with the best of intentions, to keep everyone on your network safe and their comings and goings secure, only to be met with successful attempts to bypass your efforts? Well, we have a new…

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