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The Biggest Growth Week in OpenDNS History

On Thursday of last week, The New York Times consumer tech columnist David Pogue began his weekly piece with the words, “I’m about to make your life better. No need to thank me.” He went on to write a glowing review of OpenDNS,…

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We've Given the Dashboard a Fresh Coat of Paint!

We’re always working to make OpenDNS even easier to use, and we’re happy to roll out some improvements today that make accessing all of the features and statistics you rely on even easier. Users logging in to their OpenDNS…

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Stats are back; and we're blocking Conficker

Today we made two announcements, each very significant to all OpenDNS users. Here’s an overview to get everyone up to speed on what OpenDNS has cooked up.

The first announcement is about the comeback – and improvement – of the…

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Block the bad guys with OpenDNS!

We’re launching a powerful new feature today. We are giving you the power to block specific websites. That means you can protect your computer, your house, your office and anything else that uses DNS from being able to service…

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Find your stats, all in one place

We made a couple small changes to improve the way you view stats in your OpenDNS account.

1. The default stats view now shows all stats on a single page.
2. On the top of that page, you’ll see a link to a printer-friendly…

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This week, got a makeover. It’s not drastic. Maybe you didn’t notice. But we’re doing three things differently now. The site changes subtly if you’re using OpenDNS already. The accounts system got a thorough…

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Account-less preferences removed

As promised, account-less preferences were removed just now. I trust the three previous reminders did the trick, but if you have any concerns, please let us know. A free, secure account fully replaces the old preferences and opens…

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Last reminder: get a free account for custom preferences

Told you once. Told you twice. This is the last time. ;-)

Account-less preferences will be disabled on Monday, April 9, 2007.

Once again, if you’ve been using account-less prefs, time to get a free account… now. This only…

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Reminder: Account-less prefs are going away!

This is the second reminder that account-less preferences are going away. We don’t mean to nag, but since these preferences are “account-less” we have no way to contact you and ask that you go make an account.


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OpenDNS Accounts to replace account-less preferences in April

When OpenDNS invited the public in on July 10, 2006, there was not yet a mechanism for controlling your DNS preferences. It only took one week for us to get started, with the introduction of account-less preferences (for single,…

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