Nope, that’s not a typo in the headline, we had our best week ever, for the last two weeks running. It’s a great pleasure to run a company that has grown consistently since its inception five years ago. Being able to watch important metrics climb up and to the right is a joy not all companies are afforded, and we don’t take this success for granted. We’re focused on innovation and improving the status quo when it comes to DNS and security — we owe it to each of you.

In our kitchen we have a KPI (key performance indicators) dashboard that every employee at OpenDNS can see. It covers an array of important metrics that provide critical insight into the health of our business even including our day to day financials. I’ve always run OpenDNS with a keen focus on numbers and I believe we can run the best company by sharing the numbers widely. Being able to see the numbers causes everyone to think about their contribution to the metrics that matter and how they can have a positive impact on the company (less support requests, improved performance, better traffic engineering, etc.) I believe looking at the numbers can guide a business unfailingly — Numbers don’t lie (though their interpretation is often a good fodder for debate!).

Today I’m delighted to report some exceptional numbers. OpenDNS has recorded its two biggest weeks on record. We are now regularly handing over 32 billion requests per day during the week (some of you seem to take a break on weekends). Best of all we’ve done this with zero downtime, as we’ve never had downtime in our entire company history.

I believe in our mission unwaveringly of making the Internet safer, faster and more reliable. And I can’t thank our users enough for their support of that mission. Also can’t wait to share more the cool stuff we’re cooking up.

PS — Some of you have already asked me about what we’re using for our KPI dashboard. We built it ourselves and I’m going to suggest the engineer who created it write a post about how it works.

  • Indeed I like that! I want one for my own site. 😉


  • You know what would be really cool? 🙂 If OpenDNS acquired CloudFlare! I’ve been using their service and it seems like you two are a match made in heaven…or if not acquisition, maybe some sort of partnership…just saying…

  • @Dave — We’re good friends with the CloudFlare team, and have known them for many years before CloudFlare, when it was just a twinkle in their eye. I’m confident we will one-day find a way to work together. I agree it could be a great match!

  • KC

    I paid for a family account, so I hope that made this your best week 😉

    Tell me, where can I find OpenDNS financials? Is there a PDF somewhere?