This morning we opened up our IPv6 Sandbox, starting with the most important piece – a globally-distributed recursive IPv6 DNS service. This means if you have IPv6 connectivity, you can now talk to us over native IPv6 transport. Instructions for getting started are over in the sandbox.

Why is this important? As more and more end-users get IPv6 connectivity, many continue to use IPv4 DNS servers. Many of these IPv4 recursive DNS servers don’t have IPv6 connectivity, meaning they can’t talk to other DNS servers over IPv6. As IPv6 adoption increases and content begins to appear that is only accessible over IPv6, it’s critical that people use DNS servers which are able to talk over both IPv4 and IPv6.

This is the first of a number of exciting new announcements we’ll be making over the coming months. If you have IPv6 connectivity, I hope you’ll try out our IPv6 DNS servers and let us know what you think. There isn’t support yet for filtering or dashboard management, but that’s coming soon. We wanted to get this in front of folks now, well ahead of World IPv6 Day on June 8th.

Now we just need a “You’re using IPv6” button to go along with our Sweet OpenDNS button. 🙂

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  • Namsep

    Hi, this is awesome. A big step forwards especially with IPv6 day coming. So do you think Google would consider OpenDNS as an “ISP” ?

    Would be great to be able to access eg youtube.

  • Namsep — Yep, in that context. We’ve been talking to them this morning, and should be good to go shortly.

  • Andy Holdaway

    Any chance that you could also publish a DNSSEC validating sandbox?

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  • Andy — Hmm… I’ll write a blog post on DNSSEC shortly. There’s good reason for us to do a sandbox, and there’s also a good reason why we haven’t released DNSSEC support in our products yet. But a sandbox is a good idea.

  • Mike W.

    Hey you guys said you need an IPv6 button, check out this site gives you a button that reflelcts if the user is connected to the site the button is placed on.

  • Too bad I’d like to try this service but my router does not support ipv6 anyway and my ISP does not provide IPv6 connectivity for now! DNS on the old IPv4 will continue to work?

    My router is a Land Atantis RA-111 ADSL2 +

  • steirtet

    Hi Guys,
    I am using the new IPv6 recursive servers all for the last two weeks. I didn’t had an issue till now.