A glowing review for OpenDNS by one of the most noted tech journalists out there, in the most prestigious and well-known newspaper in the country? Check, check and check! We couldn’t be more excited to be the sole focus of this week’s New York Times “State of the Art” column by David Pogue, entitled “Simplifying Your Life As A Web User.”

“I’m about to make your life better,” he promises readers at the beginning of his column, via — what else? — an introduction to OpenDNS.

Calling OpenDNS a “magic wand” for the Web, Pogue does a fantastic job describing what DNS is and how OpenDNS works to make the Internet better. He then details the myriad features and benefits we offer users. If you use OpenDNS, then you already know what they are, since they make your day-to-day Web existence better: No DNS outages, super speedy load time (his were 15 percent faster than his ISP’s), typo correction, phishing protection, shortcuts and Web content filtering. He was especially impressed with our community-based approach to domain tagging and categorization and found it “bulletproof” in his testing.

After detailing the the hows and whys of OpenDNS, Pogue closes with a ringing endorsement for OpenDNS. At the end of the column, he writes: “OpenDNS is one of the last great freebies of the Web… Even if you use only one or two of its features, you’ll find that OpenDNS makes your Web life better.” We tend to agree!

  • Stan

    Awesome. Glad to see the love.

  • I love OpenDNS and this is a tremendous credit to the amazing team here.

    Also, I think the waffles I made this morning helped in some small way to provide the energy for our teams so that they are able to successfully execute on all the great initiatives we have to deliver the World’s greatest DNS service!

  • Tom

    This article is why I am here. The set up instructions are dead simple. I wish I’d gone to your site first instead of going to the Belkin site to punch in my really hard to read model number to get the manual to find my router’s IP address. You’re instructions were 100% perfect. I am all set up and going with OpenDNS. This is going to be really valuable when my kids are a bit older and we want to block some sites (we supervise them pretty closely now). Good job!

  • Congrats on this great article. You go with your safer, fast more reliable selves! Keep it up!

  • meelash

    mmmmm……. waffles…….

  • When I saw DNS I thought you meant DNA as in medicine. But after reading further, I became aware of how the IP provider does when you search the web. This is a great facility to install. Thanks for the the information. It is appreciated!!

  • Stan

    It would be interesting to see how much traffic jumps after this endorsement.

  • I read this article a half hour ago. I immediately changed my netbooks’ DNS settings, and registered for a business account. I can’t wait to set this up at work tomorrow.

  • j a higginbotham

    I’ll definitely check it out. In the past, I’ve sometimes found Mr Pogue’s columns misleading.

  • Congratulations – you folks are the best! You deserve the endorsement. Every single accolade in the Pogue article is based on facts 🙂 Keep rocking!!

  • An insightful article — I didn’t know that you could easily change the DNS setting in the wi-fi router and thereby change the address look-up for all connected devices.

  • hungrylikethewolf

    The NYT article is the reason that I signed up for this nifty service. Long live OpenDNS!

  • Les Getchell

    I disagree with the one post. (It was also an unnecessary comment.) I have never found David Pogue’s articles to be misleading, rather, always informative. And that’s why I’m here. One suggestion on the instruction for Mac Leopard (and Snow Leopard) users: Be sure to let people know they need to unlock the lock in the lower left-hand corner (illustration #3) to make changes. It may seem obvious, but won’t be to everyone. Looking forward to the service.

  • pacgarcia

    Great job – i am here because of the article. I am not too techy, so I hope I can identify the improvements.

  • Hi Les,

    Thanks for flagging this for us! We’re always looking for ways to make the setup process easier for people.


  • Kristy

    Sorry, I stopped reading after she referred to the NY Times as “the most prestigious and well-known newspaper in the country?”

    The glowing endorsement from colleagues is why I signed up. No doubt, OpenDNS is awesome. I’ll continue despite the NY Times endorsement.

  • No more DNS outages and having to power recycle the modem and router. Nice! Love the added parental controls with the upgraded version, which I have not purchased yet. However, even the shortcuts you can create are a nice idea. Not so sure I like the idea of the OpenDNS folks knowing my every move but then again so does my ISP. Educate me.