If you use OpenDNS today, are a fan of us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you’ve been hearing about the pending availability of OpenDNS Deluxe and OpenDNS Enterprise for over a month. We didn’t give much detail about the new services but instead gave you a place to tell us if you’d be interested in a paid version of OpenDNS that has more features and no advertisements.

The feedback was overwhelming. And, your feedback helped shape the products we’ve released today.

Here’s what we’ve learned and tried to deliver:

  • There is huge demand for a clean, premium DNS service. DNS is how people navigate the Internet — And, there is an audience that’s willing to pay for an ad-free version of what we already provide.
  • Security services are too expensive and too complex. For parents at home, the UI for parental controls solutions should be powerful but easy to use. We work hard to expose the depth of features in a controlled way so users aren’t overwhelmed with choices. We’re not at Apple-status of simplicity yet, but we’re working on it. As for price, schools and businesses of all sizes simply looking to keep their users safe and their network secure should be able to manage filtering for multiple locations without consuming all of their IT budget.

OpenDNS Deluxe and OpenDNS Enterprise address these two points.

OpenDNS Deluxe is basically an ad-free version of the free service. It has some additional customization options, an increased whitelist, whitelist-only mode (which limits Web access on your network to only the sites in your whitelist and blocks everything else) and stores your network stats for up to a year, a big boost from the two weeks we store your stats now. We have priced a family pack version and a per-user version.

OpenDNS Enterprise is best for school districts and larger businesses. It gives you the ability to share OpenDNS management across a team, delegating read, write and grant privileges, and includes an audit log. It includes comprehensive malware site protection, daily reports about network stats delivered through email you can forward and share easily, and allows you to specify a custom URL for block page landings. It also stores your stats indefinitely. You can roll out OpenDNS across multiple locations without deploying an appliance at each site in a matter of minutes or hours.

There are a few very important things I’d like to clarify about this announcement, however. First and foremost, the free version you use and love today, what we’re calling OpenDNS Basic, is not going away. Ever. On the contrary it will continue to get better and better over time, with new features and functionality that are good for you, your users and the Internet. As we expand datacenters and our footprint, you’ll benefit from that, too. This is all being served on the same platform regardless of package.

Second, there’s some confusion around the Malware Site Protection feature, as it relates to all versions of OpenDNS. Here’s what’s happening: We will continue to block Internet-scale bots and dangerous websites that spread malware in the Basic and Deluxe versions, just as we’ve done with Conficker and the recent Microsoft Zero Day Exploit. We call this Basic Botnet / Malware Protection. The Malware Site Protection feature is different and brand new, never before offered, and is included in OpenDNS Enterprise. Similarly, we have an expanded list of botnet command and control sites currently only available in the Enterprise version. It’s our hope to be able to offer this down the product line over time, but for now it’s limited to Enterprise.

Today is an exciting day for us here at OpenDNS, and the new services are the culmination of lots of hard work from everyone on the OpenDNS team. We look forward to your feedback as our aim, very clearly, is to give you the features you want.

  • You should give screenshots of the new features and interfaces of the deluxe and enterprise versions ๐Ÿ™‚

    That way people see what they pay for.

  • Chris

    On the deluxe version: the “block page bypass”… when is the expected release date for this feature? It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting for my home.

  • Alan

    Looks and sounds great! I like the pricing too. Do we get to see a copy of the webinar if we weren’t able to attend?

  • Chris

    The pricing is too high for companies over 50 people.

  • @Alan – recording coming soon. You’ll get an email. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I spoke (or wrote) too soon.

    Recording here:


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  • Doug

    What constitutes “an user” when pricing the Deluxe version? How are users ‘counted?’

  • M. Griffie

    Just wanted to say that I have asked for this type of pricing for a long long time and now that it’s available I am switching back to OpenDNS. Thanks, and congratulations.

  • DJDB

    I’m willing to update to Opendns Deluxe for households.

    a)From what i understand, i’ll be able to use it on 5 computers. Is that right?
    b)Most importantly: when will the “block page bypass” be available?

  • Miguel Rozsas

    I am already a user of openDNS free and openDNS DeLuxe looks great. But what are the differences between family pack version and the per-user version ? Can you explain this better ?
    I searched for and looked at the comparative table but I was not able to find more details about.

  • Can you please elaborate what it means to be “ad-free” for OpenDNS Deluxe? I don’t recall OpenDNS showing their own ads when i browse the web.

    Perhaps you saying that OpenDNS will block all ads shown, similar to AdBlockPlus for Firefox? (https://easylist.adblockplus.org/easylist.txt) ?

    I am a bit confused. ๐Ÿ™

  • Chris

    Counting by user seems ridiculous. We generally have 10 users in at the weekend, and anything from 50-120 during the week. Surely it should be based on the number of requests per month in various price bands.

  • Hi Allison,

    How does the “Malware Site Protection” feature compare to cloud products such as: Messagelabs (Symantec) Web Security, ScanSafe, Postini.
    They are generally acting as upstream proxies – I know messagelabs runs 3 “AV scanners” over page requests to detect malware. How does OpenDNS Enterprise malwae detection ensure a worry free web browsing experince without trojans / droppers / downloaders?


  • Mat

    I don’t understand the Price of OpenDNS Deluxe: “$5/user/year for everyone else”.

    Is this the price for users who need acces to the DashBoard or all the users in the network who are using OpenDNS?

    In our case we have like 2000 students and 500 computers who now use OpenDNS Basic. I’m the only one who mananges the Dashboard.

    How much do we have to Pay?

  • Dave

    As a home user i’m interested in using the next level up from the so called basic package I currently use, I think it represents value for money, I would however ask that the home user gets access to Malware site protection option that the enterprise users get

  • @ Mat – There’s special pricing for schools. I recommend contacting sales.


  • This looks like a nice offering and well priced, especially for the family level.

    I’ve been pushing openDNS for a long time and it’s never been easy convincing people that a free service can help them avoid scams AND control the sites that their kids, employees, grannies etc. see, but now that you have premium options, that may well help your ‘trustability’.

    I sincerely hope you will be bringing out an affiliate scheme soon?

    Any plans to do Dynamic DNS as well? I would think that’d be an easy fit for your technology and another money spinner!

    Good luck anyway!

  • Sorry guys — I didn’t see all the comments about “What is a user?” until now.

    For the time being, a user is someone using OpenDNS — Not just the people who administer it. If you have an office with 30 people on computers, that’s 30 users. If you have an office with 10 people on computers, but 50 people in a warehouse, it’s only 10 users as far as OpenDNS cares.

    For those that want pricing based on volume, we thought that’d be too complicated since most people don’t know what their volume would be when they sign up. But we’re still evaluating that.

  • Matthew

    Will the Enterprise version be able to hook into a user directory such as LDAP, Active Directory, or NTLM?

    Would I be able to block sites based on specific users or groups?

    Granular policy control is standard fare for pretty much all of the appliances out there and would be a deal breaker for me if OpenDNS could not provide it.

    We currently use a Barracuda Web Filter for about 250 users at a single site. It cost about $1800 with yearly maintenance of about $500 and works very well. The $2000 per year cost seems a little steep to me for a single site company, especially if it lacks some basic enterprise web filtering features.

  • Mark

    When is the block page bypass feature going to be ready?

  • Kris

    I’ll just get to the point: As a home user, I would buy the deluxe service *if* it included malware protection. For home users, malware protection would be one of the most important factors in deciding whether to fork out for OpenDNS Deluxe.

    I would also like to know whether any malware-related domain names had been hit so that I can immediately check PCs for signs of an infection, so email alerts would also be useful.

    I do not mind paying more than $10 or $20 per year for the first and perhaps second of the above features, assuming that it can protect the three family members on different internet connections for whom I’m the designated on-call geek, but I certainly cannot afford $2,000 per year.

  • Sorry guys — I spoke to soon, Iยดm glad to say that OpenDNS has not deleted my Comments but are a bit behind on moderation, that said, I would like to extend my apologies to OpenDNS for my outburst, OpenDNS has, is and always will be my preferred DNS, Iยดm happy to say that all my doubts have been cleard up an I will be moving from basic to OPENDNS Deluxe service for my Home network as soon as I get back Home.

  • Roger

    Great Service, especially for non-profits. We could not afford the standard content filtering solutions implemented by many organization.

    We are a small church. Even thou small, we are still interested in the Enterprise Edition due to the new “maleware site protection” feature. There are only volunteers supporting the computer system, so this would provide another level of protection.

    However, the price of $5/user is quite expensive for an office with 20 workstations, which I assume equates to 20 users.

    Could you offer a signficant discount to non-profits in order for them to take advantage of the new “maleware site protection feature”?


  • troy

    A great feature that would be helpful to parents would be for the deluxe (and or free) version to also included daily or weekly email reports on blocked sites.

  • I think a valuable option would be time controls in the dashboard – so to stop my son using mySpace after 10pm and for companies to allow ‘free’ web browsing at lunchtimes or outside normal work hours.

    Also, being able to configure access on individual PC’s on a LAN would be great – lock down my daughter’s computer so she doesn’t get any creepy stuff, but don’t freak out when I want to see adult-themed sites. One rule don’t fit all!

  • Timed filtering would be a great feature Mark, but very difficult to implement without additional client configuration due to DNS cacheing. Maybe offering very short TTL’s would work (which would mean a big increase in DNS traffic)

    The per user filter is an enterprise feature.