Today is a big day for OpenDNS. I’m thrilled to tell you we’ve listened to your feedback and are giving you what you want: two new versions of OpenDNS designed to meet the unique needs of professional users and businesses of all sizes.

OpenDNS has had tremendous success in our quest to improve the Internet since we launched the service three years ago — To make it safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. Our users come from all over the world and reflect a diverse set of people. Our users have homes with children, they’re some of the country’s largest school districts – Baltimore and Detroit public school systems to name a few – and they’re businesses of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to some of the world’s most trusted, global brands.

On the consumer front, we are seeing more and more users start using our service through our fantastic partners like NETGEAR and we’ve also just released a new OpenDNS Dynamic Updater client to help make it easier to ensure you are using OpenDNS at all times.

But there are some features that businesses need that aren’t included in the classic version of OpenDNS you are using today. And that’s where OpenDNS Deluxe and OpenDNS Enterprise come in. The new services have features that are tailored for both a savvier “prosumer” customer as well as larger businesses. They include a wide variety of customizations and new features that help us better integrate into more complex networks and organizations. And, they come with one of our most requested “features,” the option to easily remove the advertisements (and wildcard NXDOMAIN) from the OpenDNS experience. An option that fits in with our goal of providing people the best DNS experience possible, however they choose to configure and experience it.

Here at OpenDNS headquarters in San Francisco the entire engineering team is working in some capacity on making these services great, while working on making our classic service even better. In fact, we’ve built out even more infrastructure and more capacity, something that will benefit everyone using OpenDNS as a whole.

Today, we have 25 customers currently using our new services in Early Access, and the services will be Generally Available to anyone later this year.

I personally invite anyone who’s interested in the new service to apply for Early Access by filling out a form we’ve put online here.

Feedback welcomed in the comments, as always.

  • Great news guys, congrats. Looking forward to seeing/testing out the new “features”.

  • acbeeler

    Somebody has to ask the hard question so here it comes.

    The addition of the words “Deluxe” or “Enterprise” usually mean “paid” service. Has OpenDNS decided on a cost structure yet?

    I look forward to the new features in the Deluxe version. You guys are doing a great service.


  • @acbeeler – Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 We’re working through the details, and will have a few different cost structures. It’ll cost a fraction of what competing services charge, however.

  • Sue

    I really am appreciative of how well OpenDNS allows me to prevent inapproprate content on my home network where children are connected. I hope that whatever pricing structure is created takes into account the home user. I am hoping for something like $29 a year or so.

    This is grat stuff, and I also am hoping that the Deluxe version offers some better logging like timestamps on when things are accessed.


  • mramsey

    Interesting! I am hopeful that this includes some way to service roaming clients. Currently trying to get our antivirus content filtering to work in that capacity, but if this is coming, and I work on something else! Thanks again for the hard work…

  • 805Guy

    Re: “… Our users come from all over the world and reflect a diverse set of people. Our users have homes with children, they’re some of the country’s largest school districts… ”

    Sorry to nitpick. You wrote that your customers come from all over the world, and in the very next sentence used the phrase “some of the country’s largest”. You should specify what country you are referring to. Even though the distrcit names were mentioned later in the sentence, people outside of the US may not know where Baltimore and Detroit are located.

  • Excellent! Looking forward to testing the new features! Thanks for listening to your customers.

  • Alex

    Will this be available in the UK for the average home user?

  • Niles

    What are the features of the Deluxe vs Enterprise?


  • We can’t wait to check out the new services and features! Thanks for everything you do!!!

  • Great ! it will be good for corporates, to get rid of advertising, we can’t wait to check features list and trial, i hope services will be up and running soon.

  • Cybertao

    I think openDNS would be leaving some money on the table but not offering a higher degree of service for home users as well. I would be willing to pay a few bucks a month for faster service, and maybe some local application to be downloading my most accessed websites in the background (of course, please allow me to set this up). It is not necessary to cache the entire page, but probably part of it, so it would help in doing download times (and refresh if the content were already outdated)…

  • @Cybertao – thanks for the feedback. We’re definitely keeping home users in mind. Stay tuned for more details…

  • It would be nice if you could offer DNS management for domains (i.e. NS) even at a per domain/yr price.
    Could be a better offer then ultradns…

  • What I would like to see are DNS servers that come with filtering levels built in.

    For cases where IPs are always changing and you can’t always be running an updater, this would be a great solution. I use a MIFI device on Sprint’s EVDO service, and in the car at times our kids are on the internet with various devices (iPods, Game systems, etc.) that I want to be sure are filtered.

    Instead of having to worry about matching the filtering settings up with your IP, it would be nice to have specific nameserver IPs that will guarantee filtering at your preset levels no matter what.

    I would pay for this in a heartbeat.

  • Simon

    Any news on when this and when it will be available?


  • As a solution provider out here in Chicago I cannot think of a better service I could start recommending! We have a retail client that would jump on this immediately so be sure to get back in touch with me when the testing begins.

  • Tom

    We are paying for services on a parental control router now, and would love to dump it.

    It is only 802.11b so it is slow and doesn’t cover our entire house, but it also causes random printing problems on our home network and needs resetting a lot.

    Just as annoying, it has a 15 device limit. In a family with 7 kids, each with their own computer, and with who knows how many iPod touches, we maxed out their limits long ago and have been using a clunky work around.

    It would be great if we could control TIMES OF DAY the Internet was accessed with password over ride. Hopefully that is being thought of as a feature in a paid OpenDNS home service.

  • Cant wait. Let us know if you plan to let bloggers review the paid versions of the system, would be glad to do it 🙂


  • techydude

    My clients would love to have the ability to schedule when certain filters are applied or not applied. For example, blocking Social Networking sites except during lunch hour or after-hours. Is this planned? Pretty please!??

    I’m loving OpenDNS, you guys rock!

  • Rob

    Can’t wait to see what the new features are. I personally hope it has a way to let a subset of users go to any site any time, while still blocking undesired content from other users… all behind the same proxy. Maybe a small client that can be installed on the computer to authenticate or group the users. Then you might also be able to protect those computers when they roam to a network that doesnt use OpenDNS?

  • ConcernedDad

    I have a teenager who attends online school and has to use internet the whole day. I am so happy that I am able to control what he can access. This is an excellant service and I would gladly recommend it to anyone. We access the internet wirelessly. My son is not that tech savvy so he has not attempted to disable the service. What I would like to see is a password protected option to disable the service or to uninstall the software. Once installed, the opendns icon should not be visible in the system tray. I would repeat that this is an excellent service. Great Job!!!!

  • Mike

    Will the Enterprise version work off Active Directory so you can filter by deparment or by OU?

  • Please bring the malware protection to Deluxe accounts!!!!!! From what I see this is only enterprise, help keep our parents and grandparents safe from malware!!! 🙂 I’ll purchase minumum of 3 family packs the day you do this and recommend to everyone!!!

  • Alastair

    This looks great and I will probably be upgrading to pay a small subscription for added flexibility in keeping my kids safer.

    What occurs to me, as a prosumer, is that your service is a little difficult to explain to normal people: hockey moms, six pack dads and Dilberts managers.

    I think it would help your viral marketing to have a really straight talking simple video on your site explaining what you do. Nothing patronising but simply starting with few assumptions about the viewers prior knowledge; and then progressing through to implications and consequences.

    Just a thought!

  • Sverre

    I am VERY disappointed that malware site protection is not included in the lower tier plans. What makes you think home users don’t need that level of protection? As a home (family) user I see no reason currently to upgrade from the free basic to the deluxe plan. If malware site protection was at least included in deluxe, that would have been enough for me to want to pay for the service.

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