When we launched OpenDNS Adult Site Blocking in June we gave you the power to block adult websites with simple categories. However, when blocking categories of sites there is sometimes a need for exceptions; that’s why we’re happy to announce the launch of a Domain Whitelist feature.

The Domain Whitelist feature is pretty simple, and I like how we explain it in the Dashboard:

A whitelist is a list of domains that will never be blocked on your network regardless of the content filtering categories you’ve turned on. For example, if you are blocking adult-themed sites but really want to visit celebrity gossip site tmz.com, you can add it to the whitelist below and get all the benefits of adult site blocking but still get your Paris Hilton fix.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell us they wanted this feature. Even more thanks to Aaron, Joe, and Noah for making this happen on our side so quickly.

  • Jason Emerick

    Awesome. I was wondering if this feature would ever come about. I recommend this to all my friends and family as a great alternative to programs on the PC as they hog memory and other resources.

    OpenDNS has been great! Thanks for all of your hard work!


  • JT


  • Thanx a lot !!!! It will increase a lot the usability of your (and OURS) blocking facilities !!!! Thanx again !

  • Jack

    Great feature, I’ve been waiting for something like this!

  • Steven Andres

    Fantastic! I really love these features you folks keep building in. I recommend OpenDNS to all my customers. As long as we’re on the topic of whitelisting, may I add a wishlist suggestion? If this belongs in a different wishlist thread, please let me know and I’ll move it there.

    WISHLIST Feature: Whitelist-Only Networks
    This would be the ability to designate part of a network’s IP space as “whitelist only” zones. DNS lookups from these IP’s would only be allowed to a set of pre-determined “whitelist” domains. Any requests for other domains would return an “A” record for a webpage that says “your admin is not allowing access to domain http://www.example.com. please click HERE to flag this domain for review by your local admin.” Then, the admin can login daily or weekly and see all the domains that users flagged for his/her review. In the GUI there would be a simple one-click “add to whitelist” feature next to these domains. Why is this useful? Well some of my customers have parts of their networks that are very purpose-built. Users in this area need to go to five, maybe six domains total to perform their job. While it is entirely possible to do blocking at the firewall, the ability to present the user with a “flag for later review” option is where OpenDNS would shine. Instead of just getting their connection timed out, they could get feedback. Just my two cents. Anyone else see this as being a useful feature?

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  • R. Moose

    Way Kewl!

    This is what was stopping me from using the Adult Block as there are a few sites that our network has to get to that are borderline.

    Now if I could just upload a list or enter a bunch of domains into a text box to do a large number of domains at once.

  • K. Carey


    I think you guys are offering a great service! Very happy to see the Whitelist option. My young boys are starting to discover the internet and I was struggling to find a good way to block the junk… I have recommend this option to every family I know!

    Thanks again,

    K. Carey

  • R. Moose

    OK.. here is what I wish I could do.

    For the BLACKLIST:

    Grab a list of domains or a HOSTS file (like the one at http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm) and add it.

    I was surprised that DriveCleaner dot com wasn’t put in as a bad site from St. Bernard / Open DNS for example, and I would like to be able to easily add a list of sites that are Malware and/or associated with Malware.

    For the WHITELIST:

    Just a list of either space, CSV or CR separated of domains that I want to WHITELIST.

  • Hey OpenDNS team, it’s really great to hear about this new feature. However, I must confess that I am a but afraid that all these newly added features will/might make OpenDNS system too complex, which could/might lead to problems in future. I mean you know, in case if something goes wrong with the service it’s much much easier to find the reason/culprit if everything is less complicated, i.e. if there are less things/features to check.

    Oh and yes, congratulations to you all for breaking the limit of daily DNS requests on the 13.8.2007 (btw. that was just a few days ago, so I thought it’s worth mentioning); I am looking forward to passing the next such milestone!!

    Best regards, Tadej

  • Kenny

    Hi there. Just a suggestion, how about a link on the BLOCKED NOTICE page so that we can white list a site immediately without clicking/typing around?

  • Lots of talk about the whitelist, but I do not know how to create one. I have received requests from some approved senders, but they have provided the way for me to whitelist them (via a link to have my ISP accept them.)
    Pls provide detail, step by step on how to set up a whitelist. Not a long program or code list type. There must be an easier way!
    Barbara P