Yesterday marked another milestone in OpenDNS’s history; we served our 100 billionth DNS request. I remember how excited we were to serve 1 billion DNS requests in our first month. Compare that to yesterday where we served 1,071,072,782 queries in a single day.

This milestone is also a good time to point out that our DNS service has had zero downtime since the day it launched. We put up a system status website a couple weeks after we launched to show you just how reliable we are.

Or put simply…

OpenDNS System Status: Online!

And growing…

P.S. Some of you have asked what the 100 billionth DNS request was. Since we have five locations and we process stats in large aggregates every few minutes it is hard to tell. If we had to guess, we’re pretty sure it was either for TechCrunch or Digg. 😉

  • Aashish

    Congrats!! Keep up the good work. I am really enjoying the service. Hoping to see some more good features in the coming months.

  • Congrats!!! Your technical fu is second to none. PBwiki loves OpenDNS!!

  • Gary

    Kudos for such a fine service. Wish I had a penny for every DNS request 🙂

  • Gary — Thanks for the kind words. 😎

  • Congrats! I’m loving the dancing banana…

  • Open champagne! This matter must be finished celebrating well 😉

  • Sam

    You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

  • Ed Banti

    Congrats David! Can I get a job now?

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  • Mike F’s Girlfriend

    Congrats! Now I understand why my boyfriend is always too busy to hang out with me because he’s at “the office.” I thought he was cheating on me, but I guess he must actually be getting work done. 😉

  • Mike Fogel

    Thanks Ashley… All those late nights working hard on that dancing banana. It’s really great to see it come together!

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  • Ehej OpenDNS team, congratulations. You know, I noticed the “> million queries in a single day” by myself (yeah, I do often check the “System Status” page, just out of curiosity), however the “100 billion DNS requests served so far” milestone is totally new for me!!

    Oh and by the way, you can check out the OpenDNS logo/link (and a short description) that I’ve added to my website’s “diverse.html” page (the link to it is my user-name above this comment), while on the “config.html” page I wrote a bit more about OpenDNS service in general and added a lenghty description of the way I use it. Namely that I use it in what I call a “three layer DNS (caching) system”, i.e. that’s OpenDNS in a cooperation with Windows hosts file, and DNSKong DNS-filtering program’s caching feature.

    Cheers all, Tadej from Slovenia

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