A standardized speed test for OpenDNS would be difficult since physical locations, ISPs and other setup factors vary. That’s why we value independent speed testing of OpenDNS so much.

Mayank Sharma of Newsforge, the online newspaper for Linux and open source, did some testing of his own – in India – and found that OpenDNS loads pages “much more quickly” than his ISP.

I tested that claim from my home base in India. After switching to OpenDNS, content-laden Web sites like news.com, cnn.com, bbcworld.com, and myspace.com loaded a lot more quickly, ping times were considerably lower, and query response times (measured with dig -x site ) to news.com, lxer.com, osnews.com, distrowatch.org, and bbcworld.com were lower by 10 to 25% compared to times when I was using my ISP’s DNS.

That shoots holes in the idea that OpenDNS is only faster if you’re in the U.S. or U.K. 🙂

  • yes i agree with that. my isp is bsnl (bangalore)and its dns servers are always on the slower side. Most of the time the latency shoots up increasing the lag and a few times a week it even fails to resolve any international websites.

    Opendns on the other hand has been a refreshing change. I have been using OpenDNS for 3 months now and the change has been obvious to see. I have recommended all my friends to use opendns instead of the ISP’s dns.

    i even requested my isp bsnl to look into this as to how effecient opendns is , which have servers in US and UK that can deliver websites @ such speeds.

    my comments maybe amateurish to u but one thing i can confirm is OpenDNS rocks

    thanks guys..hope OpenDNS remains free forever 😉

  • Exxon Valdez

    Can anybody please explain how does any DNS system (not just OpenDNS) contribute to ping? Since all resolve to the same IP and pinging occurs after resolving it, is it ever possible that ping times may get lower?

    I believe OpenDNS is a good service, and it doesn’t need fallacies not backed by solid evidence to promote itself.

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  • I changed to OpenDNS recently. I found that A LOT of sites (e.g. Wikipedia) now load faster. My ISP is GVT (Brazil) and their DNS servers suck.

    Thank you for the service!

  • Ilgaz

    I must repeat, for most ISP’s DNS is something you run on worst machine on your cluster with never updated/configured software unless some real major security threat occurs.

    Also DNS is open to (political) abuse. Some ISPs in some countries are known to take sites down via DNS resolving to some other host or not resolving at all, without any legal (court) decision. Lets not name them for now but lets say DNS blocking became sort of fashion since it can be easily done without worries.

    Average successful commercial site has like 6-10 different domains to be solved on index.html, if your DNS is horribly configured , even your T1 connected machine will lag to resolve these sites and it will load slow.

    It has nothing to do with ping of course. I guess the news poster wanted to mean something else with it.

  • I have been using Open DNS for about 8 months now. With OpenDNS, i could really feel the actual speeds of BSNL (Indian ) ISP. Also I’m about to post this news on my website. You will definitely get more users. 😉


    – Tuning

  • nilesh

    how much the open DNS is secure for hacking

  • I am using openDNS for a while now and have seen great improvement on Dial-Up connection (BSNL – India). OpenDNS is truly awesome. Hope they have their Hong-Kong servers up and running soon which will further help. 🙂

  • OpenDNS unlocks your ISP’s page loading speed, that you were unaware of…but this needs to be told all over the web outside opendns site, right? 🙂

  • Indranil Nandi

    yes it really speed up the loading time India. Hope they will setup their servers in India too to increase the speed much more.