OpenDNS’s typo correction feature helps smooth one of the Internet’s daily annoyances. But for URIBLs (a kind of blacklist used by mail servers), typo correction has always been a deal breaker.

No longer!

Back in August 2006, we enhanced our nameserver software to stop doing typo correction for DNSBLs. Now, URIBLs can get the same special treatment. In fact, the popular URIBLs hosted at these three domains already do:


If you previously disabled typo correction so you could use one of these URIBLs, you can now re-enable it.

And if you run a URIBL and would like us to add your domain to our URIBL list, please provide us with details either in the comments here or via our contact form. We’ll keep the latest list in our knowledge base.

By the way, our thanks go to the folks at SURBL and URIBL.COM for their assistance with this project.

  • Alan

    Thanks for the heads-up! It took me a bit to get around to check this out. Great stuff!

    When I switched to OpenDNS Pegasus Mail started giving me warnings about links I clicked on. It took me another month or two to get annoyed enough to sit down and figure out what the problem was…

    When I got in touch with the author, we finally figured out that it was OpenDNS’ wildcard response instead of NXDOMAIN that caused the false-positive. He immediately wrote a patch to properly interpret the response — positive SURBL hits will respond as 127.0.0.xx; any other response is negative.

    The changes you’ve made to how OpenDNS handles SURBL lists will ensure that other software that doesn’t correctly handle a response will not be broken.