Like the rest of the world, we noted with interest the announcement of the iPhone at yesterday’s Macworld keynote.

By “noted with interest” I really mean “we all are crushed it’s not available yet.” πŸ™‚

As soon as the device is available in the wild, we’ll write instructions about how to switch the DNS settings to OpenDNS nameservers. In fact, I’ve selflessly (?) volunteered to purchase the device for the sole (ahem) purpose of writing these instructions.

Would this count as a “business” expense?!?

  • Sure, if you need a German translation for the instructions I could help you in exchange with such a necessary tool to contact you.
    I’d really have to check the instructions live. πŸ™‚

  • …I can help with Norwegian nynorsk and bokmΓ₯l localisations of the instructions, if needed. ^^

    Do your really think you can specify DNS servers on this thing? I mean… It is an Apple gadget! They are all locked down and limited by digital restriction management technology so you cannot really customise them that much!

  • Daniel, no one knows yet. But looking forward to finding out.

    Appreciate both your and Joachim’s offer. πŸ˜‰

  • Daniel;
    The iPod is one of the most open devices on the market – in terms of firmware, anyway – Rockbox is a fine example.

    I would think that the iPhone will allow customisation of DNS servers; perhaps not on certain internet profiles pre-defined and locked by phone networks, but certainly on wifi connections (as these credentials would need to be manually defined to work in certain situations).

  • Ilgaz

    Mr. Roberts, you wouldn’t want to be blamed for entire West Coast USA cellular networks going down πŸ˜‰

    Apple said it doesn’t allow 3rd party on the phone because of horrible scenarios like that, as a J2ME 2.0 and Ex Symbian order, I was horrified what would happen if any of these useful 3rd party apps “down” my cellular network! πŸ˜‰

    Here is slashdot article with developers response:

    I personally stay away from anything I can’t install third party apps since my first Siemens C55 J2ME 1.0 phone.

  • Except

    Well, the only problem with the MacPhone is that it’s only Cingular. Too bad for Apple…closing themselves in…again. When they could be making more $$ for their stockholders.

  • Raa’Shaun H.

    Truth is, I’m using a Cingular 8125 and I have multiple third-party apps on my phone (some of them self written) and I haven’t ‘taken down’ the network here in the midwest. In fact, I’m using an Internet Connection Sharing utility to use my phone as a modem for the laptop that I’m typing this on right now ^_^

  • Perhaps you should consider making instructions for the FIC Neo1974 handset, and all other phones that will run the OpenMoko GNU/Linux system. It is very similar to the iPhone, except that it uses Free Software – where you can certainly set your own DNS servers!


  • Just to let you all know… you can set custom DNS servers using the iPhone’s GUI: it’s a two minute job. πŸ™‚

  • @Andrew… appreciate the good news. We’ll look to test this personally sometime next month (inventory willing!).

  • OpenDNS work amazingly well on the iPhone.

    The iPhone has some trouble determining proper DNS settings, so when on my wireless network domains wouldn’t resolve to IP addresses. Switching to OpenDNS did the trick:

    Change iPhone’s Wi-Fi DNS Settings to Connect to the Internet


    (warning, URL may break if across two lines)

  • Any update on this?

  • Same here..
    If you need help for an italian translation, drop a line!

  • joker999

    Been 2 years and nothing coming up?
    since Jan 10th, 2007


    i wanna use OpenDns on my iphone , you can try with jailbreak.

  • Jerry Huber

    Hi All,

    Has anyone been successful using Open DNS for their iPhone “out in the wild?”
    I”m about to switch myself & my family from Sprint to ATT and we will move into the iPhone world. Need some help if anyone has been successful…Thanks!


  • Amjad

    No official OpenDNS app for iPhone? its 2010 people… and iPhone 4 is out!

  • Jeremy

    Hi there, any update on OpenDNS for iPhone?

  • In settings, Go to WiFi, Tap the blue arrow next to the network you are connected to. Scroll to dns and type the preferred server ip in!