While I’ve publicly speculated before, I now have official confirmation from Hughes that HughesNet customers cannot use OpenDNS — or any other alternate DNS service — at this time.

In HughesNet’s terms:

Every remote [computer] uses the HughesNet turbo page servers, which only use HughesNet DNS.

The “turbo page servers” are the proxy which HughesNet uses to limit the latency imposed by satellite connnections.

There is one workaround, but it doesn’t sound like an improvement, and no one (not Hughes, not me) recommends it. Still…for curious technical folks, you may choose to not use the HughesNet turbo page servers. If you do that, then you may use an alternate DNS provider, including OpenDNS. However, given the latency of satellite broadband, I can’t imagine that faster DNS will counteract slower download speeds, as much as I might hope it would.

I don’t have official answers/confirmation from other satellite ISPs, but I expect the story is similar. 🙁

  • y0himba

    In my opinion I would choose dialup over satellite any day. Satellite should be used as a last resort. It is unreliable and slow at best, and caching proxies provide only an artificial temporary solution. I don’t think there is any way at the current time to aleviate this problem. This is not the fault of OpenDNS, but thank you for working on it. 🙂

  • while i agree satellite is not fast–i had dial up and satellite is much much faster than dial up — if i had the option for dsl or cable –certainly these would be my options–but no possibility for my location at the moment-so satellite is filling the void and does adequately

  • ddjgasmith

    Ugh. I have to agree… I have HughesNet. I set it up, and at welcome.opendns.com, it says it didn’t work. But, if I go to internetbadguys.com, it blocks it saying “This website has been blocked as a part of OpenDNS’s service” or something. Either way, it means with Hughes, I am ‘partially’ using it. 😀

  • slim

    I appluad OpenDNS for their product and offering it free of charge. There will likely be a way in the future for Hughes users to run with OpenDNS.
    As for y0himba, duh hey man you keep your 56 kbps phone modem and I will stick with my Hughes HN7000s which at last check was running at 653 kbps. Duh, later man…

  • Michael Atkinson

    Well I am a Sat user. I configured my Wildblue Sat system as instructed and did not have any problems. I find that the system responds faster. I have had Hughes one-way in the past and my son has the new Hughes two-way. We have found that Wildblue is a better system and fuctions without the need of software. Food for thought?

  • I am using Hughes and can use the DNS for internet clients other than web browsers, so I configured OpenDNS servers as my primary and secondary DNS servers and left Hughes’ as the tertiary DNS.

    The test sites still say that I am not using OpenDNS, but *I* know that I am using it as well as I can at this point in time. 🙂

  • Holly

    We use Huges net and have only had it since November. They have poor customer service here in Maine, takes at least 5 to 7 days to have a tech come out, to contact cooperate is like trying to get ahold of the Pope, next to impossible, we had a incident and were verbally attacked by the guy who installed our systems, after 2 1/2 hours of trying to talk to some who was not programed, and could handle complaints we felt better, In Maine Huges Net does not have a clue, the contractors they have here,thier staff does not even know their company installs Huges Net products, it is actually funny, and the guy who put in our system brought his wife who had a personal hygene problem GAWD she was awful. So before you buy Huges Net product, THINK!!! is the aggreviation worth the product. That is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  • Holly

    We finally gave up with customer service of Huges net. We were told we own the satelite (we already knew that but the lady felt smart telling us that so we let it lie) we adjusted our satelite and now we are zooming, we dont need to deal with huges net incompetient people any more. We will be just fine from now on.

  • Mr.Clint

    I just purchased hughes equip. & service as there are no options avail
    in my location, I cant even get an aircard to work here. I felt as though I was hijacked on price, $500. plus $60. per mo. when my buddies 40mi to the north have hyper speed dsl and only pay $29.00 and no expensive equip to buy. The saleman told me it was just as fast as roadrunner…I didnt believe him so I hung up and called back. I called a few times and all the reps said unequevicaly the same thing..Oh yes, its real fast, it just as good as dsl. Well its not, its too slow to work from home, wich is why I purchased it in the first place. Its expensive because they know you have no choice, they misrepresent the speed to make a sale, and wants they close the deal your stuck. Cost me $1880. equip plus 15mo. service contract for somthing I cant use professionaly. But if you just wana send nana a b-day card & catch last nights loto numbers its perfect!

  • Susan De Lano

    I’ve been a customer of Direcway/Hughes.net for over 5 years now. They were great when they were Direcway. But since Hughes has taken over, they are nothing but trouble. Slow, pages do not load, Satellite Link Outages are common. I called them the other day when I finally became so frustrated that nothing would load. They claimed that I had gone over my bandwith usage and had exceeded my megabit usage. I had never heard that there were any limits before! And the way that I was treated was terrible! They must make up the rules as they go along!

    I’ve complained to our State’s Attorney Generals office and am considering joining a class action lawsuit against them being brought by over 1,000 dissatisfied users.

    They’re charges for usage are high – and you don’t get the service that’s any better then dial-up. And please don’t tell me to switch ISP’s because there are no other ISP’s in our area…we live in a remote rural area.

  • Alex

    Wow! I thought I was alone out here feeling like I had been taken advantage of and really overcharged for this service. While I am sorry to hear you had this issue, I can confirm that I had EXACTLY the same experience and worse – when I finally had cable installed I had to pay another $300.00 to cancel the service. I hope I can find every person loking to signup for HughesNet and deter them from this horrible mistake!

    Thanks for posting your experience.

  • Jeremy

    Could i get the information on the lawsuit, i know of a few people who would be interested in joining that including myself. I was lied to about the usage agreement and the tech on the phone admitted that I was lied to about it.

  • Bruce

    How can we join the class action lawsuit against Hughes? Our satellite has been down for over 3 weeks. Have had 6 repair techs out to try to fix it to no avail. Have been a customer for 4 years and it just keeps getting worse and worse. If I had the option to get dsl or cable modem I’d drop hughes like the proverbial hot potato.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Hughes is the BIGGEST ripoff on the planet.

  • It’s a nightmare. I bragged about the service when I first got it. Less than a year later the service deteriorated. Since Hughes took over it’s even worse. How can service be worse than worse. Well, the past few months it is so bad that I don’t even have service! The tech people who show up to fix things are so dense. Now they want me to buy new equipment and the kid claims that my receiver was never grounded to begin with. He admitted that Hughes has no competition so they don’t offer acceptable service. He’s only been installing for 4 months and he knows that much. That’s the only thing I can give him credit for. He was so stupid it was comical. I don’t hold it against him – at least he’s trying to work for a living (too bad he doesn’t like climbing ladders…he insists we should have a ground installation next time….). My problem is I live in rural Maine and even though my mother has cable 900 ft from me, they won’t Attorney General’s office, BBB and anyone else who will listen. Meanwhile, I am using a dialup AOL acct I wisely pay a monthly fee for in case I need backup. Like I have a lot this year – and it’s only June!!!!

  • Thanks

    Thanks, was looking into satellite internet setups and was looking at hughes net. Thought i might look into what people thought about it, think i’ll keep looking.

  • kevin

    Do NOT buy Hughesnet. They lie. overcharge, and have NOTHING resembling tech service. Let me explain what FAP REALLY means. You cannot VOIP, cannot watch a buffered movie online, cannot watch FIVE youtube videos, cannot download a microsoft service pack, cannot participate in online gaming, cannot download more than ten 20 meg songs in one day, cannot upgrade software for more than two pieces of hardware in one day(at least with Logitech my webcam and mouse software is over 100 megs). In short, you can do NOTHING that makes the internet entertaining aside from answer emails and comment on blogs like this. Hughesnet needs to be flushed down the corporate crapper after refunding the money they’ve misappropriated for years. Did you know they actuall sell bandwidth to AOL and Sprint so THEIR service can approximate published speeds during peak bandwidth usage times? They’ve oversold their resourse and it is their customers who suffer. Anyone that knows of a class action suit against them please post it here.

  • Kathe K

    I have been using DirecWay/Hughes since 2004 and am mostly very happy.
    I wanted to comment on the issue of FAP and VOIP….last night I was on the phone -VOIP – with a wonderful connection with very little latency for 5 hours.

  • Gordy A

    Hughes has a 200 mb download limit in 24 hrs. Talking to a support person the other day and was told that what you download between 3AM and 6AM dose not count as part of 200 mb.

  • Dan S

    I got HughesNet in February, just before the recent FAP change. 2 weeks later I was calling and calling and calling customer service because my system was barely usable for most of the day due to the overcrowded, flow controlled transponder I was on. I fired off a letter to my state’s Attorney General (Michigan). Well, Hughes calls me back in May saying sorry for the delay because of some mix-up getting my complaint. Anyways, they put me on a new transponder and everything was great. For a little while. I’m now once again dealing with degraded service for major portions of the day although it has yet gotten as bad as it was in February.

    If it does, another letter goes off to the AG, and this time I’ll accept nothing other than termination of service without penalty. Hughes has demonstrated they cannot provide the service they advertise

  • Dan S

    Oh, forgot to add…I even upgraded to the pro plan after being switched on the transponders because of their FAP change, and because I thought my issues were mainly over. Certainly was wrong there.

  • The word nightmare does not even touch my 1 year with driecway & hughes.net. It is a nightmare from which there seems little chance of being delievered.
    To prove how smart I am, I believed them when I was told upgrading to a 7000S modem would give me much improved service. Like everything else they told me it was a lie, a costly lie to me as I had to pay $$ xtra for this new modem. Now, after multiple conversations with those underpaid folks in India and being cut off after “please wait” “please wait” automated phone messages, I’ve had it. Please! If there is any kind of a class action suit in the making I want in on it. These people are the scam artists of the intenet world and need to pay dearly.

  • Myra Nelson

    We’ve had Hughes since the direcway days and the 4000 series modems. Most of the problems people encounter with their systems is a direct result of the installer. Yes Hughes overstates their capabilities (lies if you will). Yes their tech support “sucks”. But I learned a long time ago, the only way to get good support is to “stay on the phone as long as it takes” and “insist on being forwarded to second tier support” — gets you out of India and back to the US.

    From our recent service, they seem to be throttling band width during the daytime (in our area CST) and I have a feeling it’s due to an overload on their systems. Most of the satellites are getting long in the tooth and new ones aren’t going up very quickly. Wild Blue wound up with too many customers too quick and has the same problems.

    For those with so many problems, try to find an installer in your area and get to know him. The closer to home the better. Many of the installers drive hundreds of miles to do and install and all they want to do is get home so they do a half-assed job. I was lucky and bought my system from someone who showed me how to do the setup myself. It has allowed us to have reasonably good service, for satellite, most of the time. The best way is to learn to tweak it yourself. Most installers get a good signal but the crosspoll is poor. That causes bad service.

    Check the forums on dsl reports for help.

    Opendns seems to work as I’ve got my internal network set up as static and only have the opendns name servers listed, but when I run the check page it says I’m not using opendns.


    Even Verizon has changed their policy on their aircards. It used to read unlimited service. After the cut so many customers off because the exceeded what Verizon thought was and maximum monthly usage coupled with numerous complaints to the legal department. Now it contains phrases like no streaming data.

    Our only option is dial up or Hughes. I’ll stick with Hughes even if it means being awake from 3 am to 6 am Eastern time to do software updates.

  • Jonathan

    Yup we got hughes about 2 months ago and it sucks first we had a 20mb download limit and like a 10 mb upload limit. Ok so we change that into 400mbs ok ok w/e we are still not happy with it so we want a refund. They tell us to put the modem in a box and ship it somewhere, and then tell us to take apart the sat that we put in and the the guy who was suposed to install it didnt (He brought hes wive with him to lol) and still charged us. Ok so we keep it. So now they take about 700-900 dollars out of our account that they were to use only for the down payment. Its a bunch of bull. So some advece DONT BUY HUGHES THEY SUCK. Please if any one does have a law suit tell me.

  • Dennis Cargill

    I think Hughesnet oversold there capabilities for pure greed. Now they can’t supply the bandwith that the customers need so they modified their Fair Access Plan which is UNFAIR Access Plan to satisfy the government and business contracts leaving the general public such as myself and you with unacceptable service. I can’t even download updates on two computers without being shutdown to dial up speeds for 24 hrs. I even tried unplugging the modem which Hughesnet tells you speeds up recovery time for several hours. Another lie. Hughesnet I feel is a deceptive & corrupt provider and I am hoping we can all join a class action lawsuit to recover some of our losses including $599.00 I spent for the hughesnet equipment.

  • David

    Obviously Kathe & Myra either work for Hughesnet or live on another planet!

  • Roger

    Someone please post where this class action suit is on. I have been with them for 6 years and can terminate in 2 days! They are criminals and should all be fined like enron. They lied to me when I paid to upgrade to 375 megs. Seems they do make up their rules as they go along. Now instead of getting 375 megs in 2 hours I download in 6 hours that and get throttled down! I celebrate my end of business with those bastards.

  • Roger

    VOIP does NOT work on Hughes. Whoever posted that was smoking something or works for Direcway Hughes).

  • Ken Cavanagh

    I had the same problem with this FAP crap. I called back my installer several times, because of my slow internet at times. I’d be getting 9 to 13 download and 700 to 1200 upload. Besides downloads I listen to internet radio. He came up four or five times and used my phone to call his tech man for hours sometimes. They change modems, checked Hughes end, even one time changed satellites. It would go away and come back. The next time I was highly pissed over the phone, so they sent the owners of the installation company’s son out. He was switched back and forth to tech’s over my phone for and hour. He sat there over phone telling these people that he was at my house doing the call, and that we used two different computers and had the same problem ( they tried to say it was my hardware). He even said to them that downloads were ridiculously slow. He got pissed and said he had one other special number to call. Well he got a hold of this lady tech that knew what the problem was right away. She asked for the site Id# and told us about this fare access policy thing. The lady also showed him where to find this FAP readings. Now the installer had no idea about this and we looked and could not find any of this on the contract when I signed up. Before I lived in the sticks, I had Road Runner with no problems at all and it was cheaper, I could also download 24-7 if I wanted to. What was the real kick in the ass is that the tech lady said that I could increase my download threshold by paying more money. So I got pissed again and grabbed the phone and said, look I can understand that if you have one satellite that’s over crowded and that FAP may be needed. She stopped me and said no there’s lots of room, we don’t just have one satellite. I said I pay over sixty buck’s for 200 meg’s, but I can get more if I pay more. So I said what is the need for FAP, or is this just a case of Jesse James without a mask (a.k.a.. highway robbery)? The conversation was over, she said that’s the way it is, and I was not the tech, so I was not the one she should be talking to. If this should not be regulated then I don’t know what is.

  • Jonathan

    There’s alot of stuff that does not work with Hughes net. Most games for example. Thats what I do most of the time is gaming but I cant with this stupid ISP they stink and should go to jail forever!

  • Linda R Steinhauser

    II have had Hughes for over two years. The service just gets worse day by day. When I first started I had no trouble with FAP. Then about six months ago, I began to have trouble. I was cut off for one 24 hour period. I take a class at night and I missed the class. The next day I upgraded to the Pro plan and for a few weeks… no problem. Then it starts again. I unplugged the modem form the wall and left it unplugged for 18 hours, when I plugged it in, I checked the usage to make sure that I had enough MB left so as not to miss my class. While unplugged, it said that I had downloaded 149MB one hour, 43MB the next, 35MB, 11MB, 55MB and it was not even plugged into the wall. My son says someone has hacked into my service. Is that possible? I am leaving Hughes at the end of this month. I would like to get in on the class action suit. Please tell me how. They are impossible to deal with. You can’t understand the Indian or Bangladeshi or whoever else that I speak to that I can’t understand. It is the worst!! Please tell me about the suit.
    My download speed is usually 34kbs. It is actually slower than dial-up.
    I have told about 50 people about this and I am sure they are telling others. We need to get this word out to everyone.

  • nick

    Here is an IDEA for you all, I hate satelite, but its all that is there. So here is what i did. I got a Business plan running over 3,000 dollars a month…. next i made sure before all of this that i had enough people in my area, that would jump on this little experiment. the hardware price was about 2k and after i started it up i bought a server. and ran cables to everyone. mind you either net cables are the best idea but it works. i allocated 118kbs to my 40 users, instructing them that this is hot it works, if you over use, you will lose out. so i gave people their internet. Fast, reliable mainly because we all got together and well i use a PPOE setup to control, users, bandwidth and all that. It is semi complicated but easy to set up when you get people together. mind you that most people bought two and three users per house hold. you can basically sell them bandwidth in this case, if one user wants more, he pays for more “users” and he gets one login with 3x the speed, download and upload. so far were doing good, noting that they dont leave their computers connected and that someone!!! manages this!!!! was a real mess for like a month. but look, someone has to take control if there is none. and now 40 people are happy!!! FOR NOW!!

  • Dale Gentry

    I have had Direcway/HughesNet for at least five years. I have the old 3000 series service whereby I use a telephone line to connect to another ISP and satellite to receive. That actually works pretty well, because I don’t have many large files to send out. I, too, had relatively good Internet access and download speeds in the early years. But access speed has gradually decreased.

    A few days ago, some sites began to fail to load. The most common error message I received was “Request Timed Out.” The other was “Failure to Connect to Webserver.” I have had almost 100% failure in connecting to secure web sites. I spent several hours (probably 15-20) examining and tweaking my system, my firewall and two different web browsers (Explorer and Firefox). I called an independent software engineer who had me check several ping requests and response times. He recommended I contact the satellite service.

    At Hughes, both email and voice tech support were very attentive and apologized numerous times for my inconvenience. (I believe most of the tech support was from India.) After walking me through some trouble shooting procedures, the last tech support I talked to advised me that my system was okay, that they were having technical problems on the Hughes end, and the enginners were working on the problem. The individual could give me no estimate of when the problem might be resolved.

    I am quite certain I have not exceeded the FAP policy, so that is not an issue. I am thinking that my download speeds are so slow that some sites time out before they load, and secondly, that I do fail to connect to some sites. My speculation is that the bandwidth is grossly oversubscribed, and that there may indeed be some technical issues associated with that and other possible hardware/software problems on Hughes end. I have been having these problems for about ten days now, and am pessimistic about them being resolved any time soon. Though I live in a very rural area, I am actively looking for other options.

    I would like to give the Hughes tech support people credit. They seem to have gotten the message that customers need attention. It is too bad that they have no real power to help and the only real option they have is try to appease and apologize to the customer.

    I am posting this fairly detailed account of my experience so that others will have descriptive information about what has happened with Hughes, not simply my opinions.

  • paul

    Wow! I thought I was alone. I have had all the above problems with speed and the very poor cutomer support. I finally after two days on the phone trying to understand people who could not speak good english, was reffered to “Leval 4”. They said they would call me back within two days. A week went by and I e-mailed and called them again. They finally called me back and stated that all their connections were OK and there was nothing they could do. I even sent a letter to their customer care address a month ago, but no answer. I tried updating to the Professiolal service which does nothing to help but charges me another $11.00 per month.

    If you are reading this and considering ordering HughesNet, BEWARE! The service goes out on the average of once a week for hours “service deredation” and the speed, OK in the morning goes to below dial up in the afternoon and evening when the west coast and the kids come on.

    Very poor service that I’m stuck with for two years unless I pay the $300.00 charge to get out sooner, plus I’m stuck with about $500.00 of equipment I paid for. I wish I had gone with Verizon or Cingular/ATT wireless which some of my friends have and like.

    If anyone has information about a group lawsuit in New York State, please contact me at wrtfrd@aol,com

  • Dennis

    I have experienced all of the problems above. We call Hughes @ least 2 to 3 times a week. We get very polite attendants who can do nothing. No service, yet still getting the bill. This is the biggest extortion racket I’ve seen. If any one knows of any legal recourse to this ripoff, please contact me @ bvot1030@swbell.net.

  • Chris

    I also am having the same problem as everyone else, I live in a rural which as far as I know cant get cable or dsl (if anyone knows how I can check to see if I can get dsl or cable out here please let me know) and would like to if there is a lawsuit out or being put out against Hughesnet.

  • I am so glad I found this site, I was pretty sure everyone with Hughes net was having problems but I have not been able to confirm it. My system has been down for 12 days now, I did get them to credit me for last week and I will get one for this week as well since they are still malfunctioning. I can’t receive email or connect to any secure sites. The level 3 support technicians finally admitted the problem was on their end but I am still awaiting a call from a level 4 tech to tell me when it will be fixed. Yes I am still waiting. I have an internet business and I have been out of business for the last 10 days. I would love more information regarding the class action suit that has been discussed. I would like to be included. I have been a DirecWay/Hughes customer for 5 years and it is getting worse by leaps and bounds. Wild Blues is looking better.

  • SunsetLuvr

    I too have been a victim of Hughesnet! The service was fine when it was Direcway, and then Hughes took over and then enforced that small print “fair access policy” this past April 16, 2007…it is then I found out what a waste of $750.00 + for equipment and fradulent representation of their upload dwnload speeds..when I was HIT with FAP and suffered the slap on my wrists for doing things on the net I even got the service for in the first place, and at this..I mean as a result my speeds were cut down to less than dial-up…when I called and most of you know about the apologetic mideasterners that are “tech support” those with half-broken english reading from a script..those long “On hold” calls..which seemingly end with being disconnected or you hang up after being on hold for over 30 minutes…finally I reached a tech who spoke english..and he exsplained the FAP to me..and i said what will solve this? He went on to say that if i get the HN7000S and the “Pro-plus” plan that would most certainly eliminate my problem! Guess what? It did not..in fact it got worse! Not only still suffering from FAP and inclement rainy weather outages, I was now paying $94.00 a month for crap! I again call and complain and im informed that even though tech support lied to me..that if I canceled service I would have to pay $300.00 early termination fee, oh yea..I knew about it..but it wasnt an issue when i thought that upgrading my service would solve my problem…let me say this…they did put my service on hold for 6 months until I can get this resolved…meaning I have dial-up now which is way faster in the interim….but I even asked for the number to the home office in Maryland and all of a sudden this big corporate giant does not have one they want to give to public…SOOOOOOO! IF SOMEONE HAS A CLASS ACTION SUITE IN THE WORKS..I WANT TO JUMP ON THAT BAND WAGON…PLEASE GIVE US ALL THE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!

  • Rich Maggard

    I have had the same problems with HughesNet. Does anyone know of an existing class action suit? or….is this all just hopeful speculation? I have been without service for 7 weeks (and counting). I would appreciate hearing from someone if they know…


  • David

    What I say about HughesNET, pull a Nancy Regan and Just Say NO!!!

    Worse thing I ever done and most expensive. I have only had this system since April which I don’t like but have been living with. I called in on 9-28-2007 because I wanted to pay off the equipment financing. I took a forever for the agent to understand what I wanted to do. The agent was like you have to take care of the balance due first. Well heck I had just paid it a couple weeks ago and next payment was not due till 10-18-2007. So I just paid it the $106.00 which is my normal bill with there $5 paper statement fee. Then she was like ok you owe $400.00 on your system. I was like ok thats fine. She took my $400.00 payment. Two-three days later I get a bill for $800.00. I with two $400.00 equipment payment line items. So I go online and look and see, shows my credit card payment posted and a remainder blance of $400.00. So I didn’t thank much of it and emailed billing@HugesNet.com and requested somone e-mail me back with a resolution. Only reply I got was the auto-generated one. After a week I went back to my account online. same deal. So I decided to call. The young philipino was like no sir those charges are valid. We dont reverse vaild charges. Could not make her understand what i was saying. Last time I checked there was only wane pimp size dish on my house. She is like no sir you have two systems. I just hung up and thought I would trie it again the next day. Lord same deal, it would be nice if they would stop reading scripts and listen. After the “No Sir I can’t help you” I asked for a manager. Well got a manager and all of a sudden the system went down for mantainace. I explained the entire thing to her and she was like sir I cant help you. Then I ased is the scheduled maintance you have an estimated time frame it will be done. No sir we dont know. So I just hung up went online I could look at my account, not sure why she couldn’t. So I tried another e-mail. I am being to wonder if I am ever going to get this fixed. I get a letter that DSL is going to be in my area soon from AT&T. You better bet I’ll be paying that $300.00 early contract fee. Same speed not bandwidth limit and $19.95 no contract. I am going to post this on as many boards as I can find, and I hope I hit my bandwidth limit. My tech support experiance has just been long and drawn out. One tech told me to unplug my modem for 10 days. I just dont call anymore. I hate it when you hit the wrong button or 0 there IVR says EXCUSE ME?. Now thats rude.

  • Bo Meyer

    Hughesnet sucks, Does anyone know the exact date the the FAP went into play with the limits? Sign me up for the class action lawsuit if there is one. Can’t wait for contract to be up and go back to consistent dial-up, slow but you can count on it. Love talking to customer service, get to hear poor english from all over the world. I am going to call everyday at least once, ask for level 4 tech and bitch. suggest everyone else does the same thing. The FAP is a joke, was not part of original contract.

  • Jesse

    Well thanks to all of you; I will not be signing up for services from Hughesnet. As bad as I need the service, I would much rather be on the waiting list for DSL in our rural area. My nerves can’t deal with incompetence and lack of experience from these large conglomerates. I do feel bad for you all, having to deal with this company not to mention the money you have paid, only to get in return poor service. Thanks again for speaking out and giving people like me the heads-up!

  • Robert

    I have had hughesnet for the past 4 years or so, when it was Direcway. I bought the system when the 6000 was new. The problem(s) did not start when Direcway changed to Hughesnet, as it was always owned by Hughes. Only the name changed. The problems were there before, and now they are worse as the download threshold has changed from an 8 hour period (not 4 as someone else mentioned) to a 24 hour period. Plus, now that the FAP takes 24 hours to recharge, that’s bad (worse) also.

    For the few making positive comments on Wildblue, I had a period of a few months where I changed to Wildblue, believing their advertising about how much better they were. Well, Hughesnet sucks but Wildblue sucks MUCH worse. After battling with them, involving the BBB, and getting to the point where an attorney was next, Wildblue finally refunded my money and I went back to Hughesnet (Wildblue installer didn’t get us to sign the contract, that’s the only reason we got out of that contract).

    As for options, there are none. Some people here overstate how badly Hughesnet works–it does work poorly, but it is FAR superior to dail up, at least for me. My speeds average a little around 118 Kbs, which is much better than the 28-34 Kbs I get by phone line. My only complaint, really, is not being able to use VOIP phone systems and the fact that Hughes decreased our usage time from 8 hours to 24 hours. I had planned to upgrade to their small business plan, for $179 a month, but as I understand it that plan is on the 24 hour threshold as well, so its not worth it. I currently have the ProPlus plan (425 MB per 24 hours).

    Class-action lawsuit? I read people who say that all the time, but do a Google search and you’ll soon realize there is no class action lawsuit. Keep dreaming. America allows companies to change their terms and conditions, and that’s what happened to us. The alternatives–phone line and Wildblue–are worse, so I’m sticking to Hughesnet until I can either afford to move to where there is DSL or cable internet, or else I’ll suck it up and continue w/ Hughes.

    Until someone comes up with a plan for rural America, we are stuck with limited, poor options: move, phone lines (slow), or Hughes or Wildblue (both of whom suck and will probably keep deteriorating their services and service packages to keep up with the growing number of subscribers and the limited amount of bandwidth they each have access to).

    Welcome to capitalism.

  • Robert

    A few more comments: FAP was part of the original contract, its annoying but it was there. Also, for those who think phone line connections are better than Hughes, you need to get your signal strength to above 50 or 60. My satellite system works MUCH better than phone. Latency is only a problem for online gaming (I don’t do that) or VOIP. The real problem with Hughes is that their customer service is poor, until you get forwarded to tier 2 customer support (there is no such thing as tier 4). The people from India are nice, but not very experienced (they use a manual and go by a script). From my perspective, the change from an 8 hour threshold to the 24 hour threshold (and 24 hour bucket to recharge FAP) is the real problem. I doubt that will be resolved, since it is my guess they simply have more subscribers now and still the same limited amount of bandwidth to offer, so this is how they coped. I would also guess that they would have to stop accepting new subscribers to keep their threshold consistent. That said, the future looks dim: they will have to decrease their bandwidth to us all again at some point if they continue to accept new subsribers.

  • M. Loper

    I got the Hughes Net hooked up 2 weeks ago and had it disconnected less than a week later. The FAP may have always been in place, but they sure don’t advertise it. It was on the contract I signed at 9 pm after the installers had it all hooked up.
    Dial-up speeds are faster than Hughes Net was for me. I guess I’m lucky to have EVDO available in my area and that’s what I’m using now.
    I would be very interested in a class action suit. I spent money on a satellite dish that would be better spent elsewhere. These people are crooks!

  • Richard

    I have had direcway for going on 7 years,as it is the only high speed source for the internet available.It is terrible!I am on their FAIR ACSESS POLICY more often than not.I pay a premium price for more download and still am put on FAP!They only allow 375MB of download per 24 hour period.If you exceed it you have slower than dial-up speeds for another 24 hours!I mean it takes 3 minutes to load a web page,what a joke!Their tech lines are run by a bunch of towel heads that barely speek english.Direcway is an American company using cheap foreign labor.You can see why our economy is the way it is!To all the people out there!BEWARE!!!DIRECWAY should be your LAST resort!!!!Uploads and downloads are counted towards thier FAP policy.Read their FAP policy before signing up.And remember weather and holiday usage also affect satelite speeds.I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND HUGHESNET TO ANYONE!!!!

  • daniel gaines

    any news of a current class action against hughesnet please email me at dlgainesjr [at] hughes.net or dlgainesjr [at] gmail.com

  • New web site to go on line November 30th. Sign up, complain about hughesnet broadband.

    Seeking users who feel they were mislead by advertising from hughesnet regarding ‘up to speeds’, ‘broadband’ promises etc.

    Please users only. If enough interest is generated, a class action law suit will be filed against hughesnet.

  • Lawsuit WISHES

    I tried the


    it wouldn’t let me log in no matter what combo of info I tried to use on username and passwords.

    I really had my hopes up.

  • William Davis

    I “upgraded” to a business package. Now I have upload speeds that average 17kps. Yes you read correctly. I have been to tier 4 on 4 separate occasions. Had three complete system change outs. Now Hughes says that “It’s a bandwidth issue” and “This is all the speed you are going to get”. Some time at the end of October my service degraded from 1.2mps down and 210kps up to 560 kps down and 17kps up. I cannot even submit time sheets to the corporate server and as a result I can’t get paid. I have written the Fed department of consumer affairs. I suggest everyone do so. We need to get a class action going.

  • Scrumline

    I’m not here to shine Hughesnet’s boots, but I think that you people who are complaining about the service of Hughesnet/ Direcway did not do enough research into the product you bought. I’ll admit, their customer dis-service sucks royally, but their service is just as described. For those of us who live in the bush, it serves us well enough. Next time, pay attention to what you’re buying.

  • Keith

    It seems quite obvious that HughesNet has a captive clientel and, moreover, is well aware of it. The service is spotty at its very best, and the “support” department exists only to provide heart-felt apologies from abroad. At present, the outgoing email server has been down for two weeks; have you tried to apply for a job in America recently? If so, you are also aware that electronic communications are mandatory; no email means no application, and no application means no job consideration. This same type of outage occured this past spring resulting in “Dell” sending a tech to install a new hard drive in my spanking new PC. Turns out that the problem all along was Hughes’ screwed-up outgoing protocol. Nice work,ey? Hughes specified certain contractual details by phone at the outset, installed the system, then emailed me the contract…It was not what I had agreed to with respect to level of service (Professional), installation cost ($500 vs $300 stated), and length of obligation (24 months vs 15 months stated). We too are outside the established boundaries of civilation and consequently suffer the cost in time and treasure. The message here is: if you have other means available, try them first. Hughes is set up to flow money into the machine while stonewalling any and all attempts by their “customers” to receive that which was promised.

  • jimr

    Unless Hughes has figured out how to fly their proxy servers on the satellite, there is no way that their “turbo” proxies can reduce latency as they claim.

    What they are doing by forcing customers to use their proxies is to reduce the cost of their backhaul connections to the terrestrial Internet. The proxies only benefit Hughes — not their customers.

    This concept is also used by Verizon and was earlier used by by the now-defunct @home network. In both cases, customer performance actually improved when the proxy servers were bypassed.

  • JulioF

    The turbo proxies do indeed reduce the effects of latency, jimr.

    An explanation.

    Without proxy:

    1. Your browser sends a request for a page over the high-latency sat network.

    2. The NOC equipment will forward the request to the target web server over the national OC 48 or better backbone terrestrial networks – low latency. Possibly 100 times faster than the satellite route in some cases.

    3. The requested page’s code will be sent from the web server back to to the NOC. The NOC will send the page’s html and possibly other code contained in the page to your browser via the slow satellite route.

    4. Your browser renders the page as much as possible. If there are multiple graphics, or sliced graphics to be displayed on the page, they have NOT been sent to your browser at this point. The browser will determine that there is more to be displayed and send another request through the slow sat link for a graphic item to be returned for display.

    5. The NOC will send the request for the picture or whatever to the web server via quick terrestrial backbones, as before.

    6. The requested picture/graphic will be sent from the web server back to to the NOC. The NOC will send the picture/graphic to your browser via the slow satellite route.

    This back & forth fetching of data over the satellite network is repeated again and again. SLOW!

    With proxy:

    1. Your browser sends a request for a page over the high-latency sat nwetwork.

    2. The NOC equipment will forward the request to the target web server over the national OC 48 or better backbone terrestrial networks – low latency. Possibly 100 times faster than the satellite route in some cases.

    3. The requested page, in it’s entirety, will be acquired by the proxy from the web server.

    4. The proxy will send the completed page, pictures and all, all at once to your browser for display. This drastically reduces the effects of the latency, as there are so few trips across the satellite required.

  • Wendy

    Sorry as a rural person give me hughes net over dial up out here, my best connect on Dial up was 18.4 due to our area phone lines. Been on it for the past 6 years (for a large part) tried wild blue, didn’t like it and went back to hughes and over all I am happy, then again, I don’t need tech support, generally every company I have called tech support on the item I needed it on knew less about the product then I did, so generally I avoid tech support (With exception of the satalite or equipment being down, and I agree support sucks then). (Oh and btw I game on my satalite connection, its doable, the lag sucks at times but hell its still better then 18.4, Play a priest/hunter/warlock (Just my lvl 70s, got more and I soloed my strait holy priest on this connect) on World of Warcraft, play online on my PS3 on motorstorm, etc, I knew of the latency issue well before I got Direcway/hughes, because I gasp research a product before I buy it. And fap is avoidable fapmon, download manager with timers and setting updates/large downloads on a timer cures your problem, alone with not spending hours rotting your brain on Youtube, I download music just fine, I game just fine, watch the random youtube/other video just fine, its about doing it over time instead of doing it all at once.

    For the people complaining about cost vs dsl/cable, seriously think, both Cable and DSL aren’t on multi-million dollar gadgets that require being launched into space. Rural people should be expecting to have to pay more for certain things. I pay more for fuel just for grocery shopping then my aunt does in the City maybe I should whine about that, since I drive 70 miles just to go there, was a time I was paying more for phone service, back before they had cheep cell phone service phone lines weren’t even out here. I chose to live rural, so I will choose to live with the services I can get in the area. And yes, even if I get fapped I accept the reasoning behind fap, unlike cable, DSL and dial up, the equipment my internet is broadcast over isn’t cheep or easy to install.

    I don’t have much trouble with outages, no real issues with slow downs (Cycling my modem always cures it) and gasp I even advised my mom to go with hughes net.

  • Jonthan

    Wendy im glad you get good service but im paying 100 bucks a month for 200kb a sec when im to be getting 1.5 mb a sec…. We have replaced out modem 2 times and we still get the same speed and sucky service. Tech support sucks and I try to avoid them like you. All in all I don’t mind downloading what I need between 3:00 and 6:00 am becuase of my sleep disorders. But I mean come on I do gaming on it all the time and it sucks worse then surfing the web. When my service plan is over I plan to go back to dial up which is sometimes faster then this service at times. I also plan to shoot my modem a few times with a gun and blow up my dish 🙂 But those are hope’s and dream’s for now lol….

    But for those with bad service now I can only wish you luck because hughes I dout will fix it right.

  • Here’s the website trying to start the class action lawsuit
    Register and they send you a password to your email.
    Log in and tell your story.
    Lets get this started!

  • Kimberly

    I was actually thinking about getting hughes net. I am so glad I ran across this site..lol

  • Mike

    How can a company be so totally void of customer service and product satisifaction. Started counting 01JAN08, Zero days of uninterupted service. No obstructions… clear sky, you know the rest. The FCC or some government agency should spank these people. That women who does the Hughesnet commercial on TV, I would like to put my dish you know where.

  • I have hughesnet and want to tell all who stand up for hughesnet that my school on the internet is not only going to find a way to help me file a class action lawsuit against them, but want to find a way to let people know that they need to contact them. Look out hughesnet, were comming for you and will get you. Anyone want to join me, let me know how to contact you to join in.

  • Dave Smith

    Nothing but trouble with Hughes net. I’m in an area with no other alternative. Hughes servers were not operating properly for three week in November 2007 and customers like me thought it was their computer. No communication forthcoming from Hughes (like a simple email alert). Call center in India is awful starting with hard to reach (technician has no power to do anything like adjust a bill for time spent by customer resolving an issue that turns out to be totally a Hughes caused problem). I would join in class action lawsuit. Please advise on how I can do so.

    Dave Smith

  • Taytay

    Hughes net has offered my Family and I nothing but a HUGE loss in money and time… we have been subscribed to this B/S for several years now due to living in the sticks… can’t download or play any type of online games/entertainment. I would most definitely join this battle.

  • All I can say is I HATE HUGHES NET. I want to change but I have no other option at the moment until something else becomes available. I don’t know what they have done but all of a sudden I was unable to access my email either via the webmail or Windows live mail or connect to my web server to update my site. After days of trying to find out why this was happening (and many chats with the customer services which is USELESS) I had to change proxy settings in my web browser (which I have NEVER had to do before) so now I can access my mail via webmail but no longer through an email client nor can I update my website using ftp. I am absolutly furious with them, its expensive, slow and even installing windows updates is impossible because it goes and exceeds the Fair usage policy of 200mb a day. I have to wake up at 3am just to download things. This is the worst internet provider I have EVER come accross.

  • John Thomas

    I wish I had seen this before I wasted my money at HUGHES NET. The installer charged a extra $50 because he had to drill two holes instead of one. Then when I went to use it it did not work. I called to ask why and was told I hit the FSP. FSP?? Yes, I downloaded something and hit the FSP. I didn’t know anything about that but soon got an education since I hit it every day. I told the no customer service that I had not downloaded anything and his response was “does it say Yes under FSP exceded?” I answered yes, then he said “Then you downloaded something”. But I hadn’t. I asked What did I download? and was told they couldn’t tell because I was under the FSP. This went on for a week before they found that there was a setting problem. Then when I tried to download almost anything I would hit this FSP thing. They told me to use my computer between midnight and 3am! I asked for my money back but they refused. I dropped the service within the 30 days and I would be glad to join any lawsuit available to get my money back.

  • Daniel Petersen

    I’m going through the same thing. What they are doing borders on the criminal. There customer service is atrocious. I’ve only had it for three days and we are already planning to cancel this so-called service and take the huge loss (a little over $500). I’ve never been as disappointed and displeased with a service in my entire life. I cannot state it any clearer- If you are thinking about Hughes net, Don’t! They misrepresent there service. If there is going to be a class action suit I would be overly joyed to sign on. What they are doing is inexcusable and as I stated before boarders on the criminal. What a waste of time and money. Don’t make the same mistake we did.

  • Dean

    I hate their Fair access policy, but when i’m not even under it i get 10 kbps download speeds. I finally got fed up with this and talked to a customer service rep and she told me to get a speed test 3 times a day for three days. Morning, afternoon, and night. WHILE bypassinng my network router AND disabling my internet security. Who has the time for this? I bet they’re also going to say “sorry, we don’t see any problem with your system”. Even though I get 46 kbps down and 33 kbps up. I am paying for the professinal service which is 80 dollars a month! And I get this?! Terrible

  • TC

    I had the service in Virginia before I moved because of no alternative like most of you that posted. They suck in everyway as you know, but they were better than the dial up. I always signed in to Hughes and used AOL free account for my email and downloade in through them unless I needed to keep the document. I’m in a remote area in Ohio now and only have wireless here. I have ATT and they also suck in customer service and cost too much, but I do get 5 bars here. I do not miss Hughes at all. TC

  • Janet

    I had HughesNet for two years before my problem began on June 17th. I have contacted my attorney general in Alabama and. I would definitely join a class action suit again them.

  • I have been using HugheNet now for over a year. To say the least it is not the best service out there.

    However, I have learned a few things since I started with them.

    1. For downloading large files, programs, games, ISO’s etc., try using a download program like Free Download Manager, or a BitTorrent program that allows you to set up a schedule. That way you can keep yourself from getting FAPed although the download takes longer.

    2. For those using Firefox I found this utility to monitor my FAP amount. http://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=191329
    I do not know if it works with IE and I don’t really care because I only use IE if I have to. There are other FAP monitors out there but this one is FREE!

    3. If you need to update your websites via FTP, I found out that the ISP where I have my website had to unblock HughesNet from their list of “black” listed sites. If you are using a site like Tripod you may have to contact them to get HughesNet put on their “white” list for you.

    I hope some of these ideas will help. I know they did for me and I download a lot of large files.

    Sorry I don’t know of a fix for online gamers but give it time and someone will think of something.

    One last note – I have a laptop and I am a student at Ferris State University here in Michigan. So, I can also get super fast speeds at school. If you have a laptop you can also connect to many WIFI locations such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, etc.

    Good Luck

  • Check out the Website link to the reviews of HughesNet satellite at dslreports.com to get a better idea of the issues with Hughes satellite service. If you can get anything else, do it (although WildBlue may be as bad or worse).

    Although they’re not easy to find there may be a small independent wireless company in your rural area. They frequently rent antennae space on water towers. You’ll have to ask around or call the water company. Service will depend on the owner. I’ve had wireless in two locations provided by brilliant owners who provided excellent service.

    Hughes and Wild Blue are getting so bad that one wireless company in north-east Texas has a two week backlog of installs to do even though they don’t match the (supposedly) zero down price Hughes offers.


    Like many of the folks who have posted on this site, I, too, am extremely frustrated with HughesNet and their service. I’ve been a customer for about 4 years. Started out with regular home residence service, upgraded to Pro account and finally went to a Business Plan due to having multiple computers and my husband needed the “better” service for work. Normally only have 2-3 computers running at once, which is not the problem.

    I, too, have had problems with connecting to websites, etc. Having been on the internet since 1992 with almost every available service out there, this is nothing new. With millions of people using the internet 24/7, this is to be expected until the industry continues to explore new and better ways for internet service. I remember the old days when AOL/dialup was the only internet service available and we were thrilled with it. Times sure do change.

    My biggest problem with HughesNet right now is that I upgraded from the Pro account to the Business Plan, on their recommendation and we were able to utilize the VOIP and such my husband needed for work. After paying the $1K+ in equipment and installation (for the second time since upgrading, this is where they make their money, can’t utilize old equipment or take it back as exchange), I started paying the $190/month bill, which didn’t seem right.

    I finally got all the paperwork together and called them. Turns out I was paying for 2 accounts the whole time! Someone at HughesNet dropped the ball and one “division” didn’t talk to the other. The bottom line after multiple phone calls? You guessed it…after going up to Corporate I’d be able to get back 3 months of overcharges only ($209) leaving them with a profit of almost $600! The total cost of what was overbilled (not to include the interest on the credit card) was $770, which they refuse to reimburse.

    They stated this was all MY fault, as the consumer, for not calling earlier – well, SUE ME for being stupid. I thought initially it was additional charges for equipment/installation and real life got in the way of my getting to it sooner (marriage, new job, etc.)

    I don’t think going to the BBB will solve anything, just put it with the other thousands of complaints against HughesNet. Not sure my Attorney General could do much about it either. I’m considering hiring a lawyer to get back my money plus legal fees, but little ol’ me against a large corporation? You do the math!

    I doubt there is a class action lawsuit against these folks. They know they’ve got you over a barrel, in rural areas you have three choices…nothing, dialup or satellite. After reading all these complaints, I think most folks who could would go to DSL or Cable. My husband has cable at our other home, with multiple computers hooked up to it (for more than one person living there) and they don’t have any problems with uploading or downloading, playing games, research on internet, VOIP, work-related functions and NO download thresholds!

    Download threshold for us currently with HughesNet is 500MB/24 hour period. Peachy. Updating programs and checking email will take care of that in one day! Maybe someday there will as good a service out there, with high speed internet capability, no thresholds and good customer service. One can keep dreaming! Until then, with the millions and millions of users globally, wireless internet capabilities and more demand, we may have to “buck up, shut up or suck up” the poor service and high demand on the higher internet service. I’d care not to settle for that. You’d think that the cable and DSL companies would go to the expense of installing in rural areas, they’d put HughesNet out of business (or pretty darn close to it!)

    Thanks for listening…just extremely frustated in Tennessee!

  • Jim

    These people are freeking ripoff artists. I found out recently that they have been double-billing me for three years and when I called them they acknowledged the error and offered me a two month refund. I am now filing an official complaint with the Attorney Generals office in my state. Hopefully, I can make them unable to do business in my home state. This whole process began when I did a speed test independently and found out that I was getting 150k download speeds for 20 times what I was paying for dial up.

  • Randy McDonald

    Class Action against hughesnet, Everyone is complaining there should be one (and definatlt should) but no-one can find any info on it on the internet (and many posted this) IGoogled it and a lot of stuff/suites came up

    I googled ‘class action against hughesnet’
    here is the link


  • Rodd Palon

    Love hearing your stories …. I thought I was only one with the hughesMigrane. Been with Directway/Hughes for 3 years plus …. On a $100/month business plan. Our kids need internet service for their school homework. Too much problems to list here, but last tech visit, he informed me that the initial tech installed a 1-watt system when I have been paying for a 3-watt system all along. Customer support said that their system showed that I had a 3-watt so their was nothing they could do. My wife’s a paralegal with 3-years of law school …. we know of the existing class action suit filed in September ’08 but we will be filing in small claims court in California this month to try to get back all monthly subscription and equipment fees and suspend our service agreement. Will keep everybody up to speed on our progress.

  • I made the major mistake of signing up for Hughesnet when the only choice that I had at the time was dial-up.
    REGRETTABLY, I still have 12 months on my contract but believe me if I could get out of it I would go back to dialup before I would use Hughesnet again.
    I am trying to run a business with the use of hughesnet and immediatly I found out that I could not configure Outlook express to take my business e-mails, instead having to use hughes net mail.
    Also heaven forbid that you need to use the computer for extended peroids of time for business as they have useage rules and the longer that you use it the slower it is.
    I would not recommend Hughesnet to anyone in any form.

  • Kerry

    While I agree with many of the frustrations expressed, I still far prefer my Hughesnet Professional service over dial up. (my only other option). I did upgrade from the home service (200M daily download limit) to the Professional service (400M daily download limit) and am only dinged by the FAP (which I was fully aware of at time of purchase occassionaly since I don’t use VOIP, or attempt to download full lenght movies etc. But for the work I do, it’s usually adequate. I’ve had some good local (independent) installers and am on the HNS7000S modem. I’ve had to have my transmitter replaced (on the dish) twice now, and this most recent time, the tech was able to deterimine more quickly than usual that a dispatch was needed and I didn’t need to force them to second level support to reach that conclusion. My personal experience with tech support has been better with Hughes than with Direcway. Actually there is a radio based internet service available out here, but my wife doesn’t want a 30 ft. antenna on top of our house to be able to get line of site to their tower!

    I’m hoping that with all the wireless spectrum being freed up by the move to digital TV , that they’ll be some great new wireless services out there soon. I think it was AT&T that paid billions for some for of the frequencies being freed up.

    This is my first attempt to use OPEN DNS so am disappointed that satellite service may prevent it’s use, but will give it a try anyway.


    ps.and anyone who has a problem with hughes net just post it here and ill try 2 help


    Dear Thomas Kirsten,
    You can actually make an email account other than Hughes Net because Hughes net has nothing to do with your actual internet just where u get it from. It isnt controling ur Internet Explorer or Firefox or Safari it is simply ur connection. And I cant imagine why you would be using the internet so much at work as you would use a simple writing doc thing such as word. If u have a reason please post it.


    p.s. what service pack do u have (ex. home, pro, ect.)

  • Like a majority of the people that use hughenot, or is that hughesnet, the only other option that I had was dialup.
    I had a problem with the system the other day and called the tech support and they informed me that it would cost $99 for a repairman to come to my house to fix it.
    I blew a gasket! They do not even know what the problem is and they already know the charge?
    I called the local radio shack and found a man that could come out and fix the problem for $25.
    It is my opinion that hughesnot is out to gouge for all they are worth.

  • Not sure if this thread is still alive. I am looking to see if anyone has had success using open DNS on a Hughes net account and if so if they can explain to me how. We have a cafe off the map and offer free wifi to folks who visit. Though i agree hughes net is far from perfect it is better than nothing. What I want to do is use Open DNS for its filtering properties so that I can block video sites, etc that affect our download limit and only let folks do email, etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rodd Palon

    Well, we finally filed the law suit. Received immediate attention – they agreed to all of my requests and had a tech out within a week replacing the old system with a newer and better one. System works well now. Why couldn’t their customer service take care of things the front end of a problem? Gotta say that I am happy with their service at this point.

  • Joyce

    I sure wish I would have read these comments two months ago. Hughesnet service is useless! I wanted to upgrade my dialup to a provider that could be used for business. The first month nothing worked correctly. I thought….we’ll work this through. What a mistake that was trusting a company like Hughesnet. After 2 months of dozens of calls to “tech” support based in India…no ping…no secure website availability…etc. etc. (oh, ya, I do have email), I have lost ALL CONFIDENCE in the company. They cannot provide the service they advertise! What a shameless scam. I just decided to cut them loose. Will be over $600 for 2 months of irritation. It’s like buying a car that doesn’t turn left, blinkers work on Tuesday and Thursday…I know you get the point. Buyer beware! Good learning experience the hard way.

  • Charles

    well I guess I’m not the only one to have trouble with Hughes net. So glad to see its not just me. I would be glad to join the suit if there is one…..