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Top 2011 holiday phishing scams to watch for

The holidays are upon us, but it’s not all gift giving, tree trimming and eggnog drinking. This is also the time of year when scammers come out in force. While OpenDNS is the single best way to protect yourself and your loves ones…

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Phishing Quiz v2.0 - Can you spot a phish?

One of our most important goals at OpenDNS is educating people on Internet dangers so they can make informed choices on how to best manage their networks. Last week we released a phishing quiz, hoping we could show people just how…

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Can you spot a phishing site? Take our quiz to find out.

Update: We’ve created a new version of the phishing quiz that now includes URLs and feedback on why some seemingly legit sites are actually phishes. Take the quiz again to see how well you do.

Could you be duped by a phishing…

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Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Brandon Halsey

Editor’s note: OpenDNS users frequently tell us that they were introduced to the industry-leading security service through younger friends and family members. And usually they’re talking about high-school and college students!…

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The way we're phished: More Americans click phishing scams in the morning

As we take a deeper look at phishing across the OpenDNS network to better protect you and yours, we’ve uncovered some interesting patterns about the way Americans interact with phishing emails.

– The majority of clicks on known…

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How to Identify a Spear Phish

Earlier this month, email marketing provider Epsilon announced that their database was hacked. Millions of email addresses were exposed thanks to this breach, and in the following days and weeks many of the companies that used…

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Phishing, PayPal and the Challenges of Reporting Accurate Data

After we published our 2010 year-end report, a number of people asked us why PayPal was targeted so frequently by online scammers — it stands out as one of the most phished brands in our report by a wide margin. In reviewing how…

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2010: The Numbers We Saw

When we look back at 2010, one of the things we’ll remember is how ubiquitous social became online. Facebook exploded, Twitter grew up, people “checked in”, and almost every website seemed to develop some sort of social…

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Milestone: 1 Million Phishes Submitted to PhishTank

When OpenDNS launched PhishTank four years ago in Oct. 2006, we knew several things:

We wanted to make a clearinghouse for phishing data.
We wanted the data to be available for free to other services via an API.
There was no…

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One Million Phishes That Didn't Happen

Did you see anything interesting online last month? Between blog posts, gaming sites, Facebook updates and breaking news, there was a lot to take in. One thing you probably didn’t see — if you are on an OpenDNS-protected network…

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