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Reset Please: The ongoing tug-of-war between features and complexity

As we stated before, Umbrella developers don’t build features just to build features. That’s especially true of the Umbrella Mobility iOS app. One reason we built the iOS app was to help IT administrators deliver seamless…

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It's now even easier to deploy the Umbrella Mobility iOS app

A few months ago we launched Umbrella, a new line of Internet security solutions that protect users from malware no matter where they choose to work. Umbrella Mobility extends the protection IT administrators trust on their core…

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Face it: Your users are accessing company data over unsecured Wi-FI networks

If you’re an IT admin or network security professional, you know better than anyone that users want to work wherever they are, on the Internet connected device of their choice. What’s alarming, is that they’re also accessing…

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Ubiquitous connectivity requires ubiquitous security.

When I told you about Umbrella, the service we’re launching next month, I said we would be focused on helping you do two things: adapt to the changing threat landscape, and embrace the changing nature of how work gets done…

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Mobile security: What's your carrier's responsibility?

Ever wonder how secure your mobile device really is? Do you wish there was a way for you to scan your phone for security vulnerabilities (like your PC)? Now there’s an app for that.

Duo Security, a smartphone security firm,…

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OpenDNS's Free Parental Controls Protects Your iPads, Kindles, and mobile devices too!

Gadgets proved especially popular in my family this past holiday season, as I’m sure it did for many others. My brother got an Xbox 360, while my mom loved her new Kindle Fire. Meanwhile, friends of mine around the office…

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OpenDNS for will happen

Like the rest of the world, we noted with interest the announcement of the iPhone at yesterday’s Macworld keynote.

By “noted with interest” I really mean “we all are crushed it’s not available yet.” :-)

As soon as the device is…

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Instructions for faster DNS on your mobile

Phones, PDAs, and every other mobile device smaller than a laptop and bigger than an iPod Shuffle needs DNS for web browsing, among other things. With speedier networks, the mobile web is getting more and more useful…and speedy…

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