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ISPs hijacking search keywords using DNS?

For the past several months Christian Kreibich and Nicholas Weaver over at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California, have been tracking a laundry list of ISPs to confirm what they thought to be true:…

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Lessons From This Morning

We take our operational excellence extremely seriously. We know that one of the reasons people choose OpenDNS is because they know they can count on us for reliable DNS resolution, something many ISPs can’t promise. And so when…

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The Dangers of COICA

It’s hard for me to be sympathetic to the entertainment industry and its frustration with online piracy. For the last decade industry executives have consistently focused on using the legal system to protect their aging business…

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Benvenuti ai Nostri Amici Italiani

Yesterday, the DNS servers of, one of Italy’s largest ISPs, went down for several hours. People who rely on for their Internet waited. And waited. And then waited some more for their Internet to come back…

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Dear Chairman Genachowski, we want net neutrality, too.

Today something very significant happened, but you could’ve missed it if you didn’t happen to read The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal or PC Magazine. A group of Internet industry CEOs and Founders, myself included, came…

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Virgin Media (formerly NTL) allows third-party DNS, including OpenDNS

Last week, Virgin Media, a very large United Kingdom ISP, fixed a configuration which was preventing some of their customers from choosing OpenDNS.

The history: last summer, we heard from various NTL customers (Virgin Media was…

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DNS outages are not Comcastic tells us Comcast’s DNS servers had a rough weekend. According to reports from Comcast customers, instead of being able to surf freely they were confronted with this page when they attempted to visit any Web…

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John and Allison
(picture by David)

LaunchPad area
for first-time exhibitors

Kiosk O
for OpenDNS

For three days this week, three members of the OpenDNS team were in Santa Clara, California at ISPCON,…

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Going to ISPCON? Remember "O" for OpenDNS

We’ve reached a (late) decision, but the verdict is in: we’ll be exhibiting at ISPCON in San Jose, CA, USA on November 7 – 9. As of now, the team in attendance will be David Ulevitch, John Roberts and myself (Allison Rhodes). Why…

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HughesNet satellite broadband customers cannot use OpenDNS at this time

While I’ve publicly speculated before, I now have official confirmation from Hughes that HughesNet customers cannot use OpenDNS — or any other alternate DNS service — at this time.

In HughesNet’s terms:Every remote [computer]…

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