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DNS Outage? Simple Setup for OpenDNS

DNS outages happen everywhere, from Italy to Illinois. And when they do, we can count on people taking to Twitter via their smart phones, to vent, find out what’s going on, and learn how they can get back online (thanks to us!)…

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New Feature: Greater Block Page Customization

Starting today, all OpenDNS network administrators can choose whether or not they’d like to include a link to “Contact your network administrator” on the block page that pops up when users on your network try to access…

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Headed home for the holidays? Set up OpenDNS for loved ones.

I love this time of year. People are cheerful and kind, offering to help each other however they can.

One of the easiest ways to help others? We’ve reminded you before, but while you’re home for the holidays this year, do your…

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How to enable SmartCache for your network

A few weeks ago we made the decision that SmartCache, one of OpenDNS’s most significant DNS caching innovations, would be available for free to all of our 15 million users around the world, regardless of which version of the…

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Getting started gets even easier

Now that Halloween is over, we embark on the two month journey through the American holiday season. I love the holidays; it’s all togetherness and helping others and giving thanks from here.

In that spirit, I got to thinking…

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How to forward requests from Simple DNS Plus to OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a great complement to existing network set-ups. Hearing that others think the same is even better.

Simple DNS Plus is a Windows DNS server for hosting and managing your own domains, among other tasks. In response to…

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What's considered an adult site? Find out...

The famous quote about defining pornography is “I know it when I see it,” from a 1964 Supreme Court case. I’m glad we’re working with St. Bernard Software to get human-reviewed categorization of adult sites for our adult site…

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Wii love OpenDNS

Thanks to Seg for helping us put together instructions for setting the Nintendo Wii to use OpenDNS.

Whether you’ve had DNS issues with your Wii in the past and need something more reliable, or you just want to speed up…

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OpenDNS for will happen

Like the rest of the world, we noted with interest the announcement of the iPhone at yesterday’s Macworld keynote.

By “noted with interest” I really mean “we all are crushed it’s not available yet.” :-)

As soon as the device is…

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OpenDNS Forums: You've got questions. Lots of us have answers.

We launched Forums today for you to provide a venue to discuss the world of OpenDNS. This isn’t a weak attempt to get rid of support but is a new way for our users to communicate with us and each other. We are focused on…

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