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Five questions with an OpenDNS user: Leonie Smith

Editor’s note: Leonie Smith is social media advisor, cybersecurity advocate, educator and mom to four kids. In the 15 years she’s been participating in online communities, gaming, and social media to connect with other parents and…

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OpenDNS's Free Parental Controls Protects Your iPads, Kindles, and mobile devices too!

Gadgets proved especially popular in my family this past holiday season, as I’m sure it did for many others. My brother got an Xbox 360, while my mom loved her new Kindle Fire. Meanwhile, friends of mine around the office…

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Five Questions with an OpenDNS User: Rick Beckman

Editor’s note: It never ceases to amaze us how just how busy OpenDNS users can be. Between work, family, games, development and staying current with technology, most of you we hear from can’t manage to stay still! We checked…

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Wii love OpenDNS

Thanks to Seg for helping us put together instructions for setting the Nintendo Wii to use OpenDNS.

Whether you’ve had DNS issues with your Wii in the past and need something more reliable, or you just want to speed up…

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