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Six new datacenters come online in Europe

Today we announced that OpenDNS has brought new datacenters online in Prague, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest, effectively tripling our presence in Europe. Over the past few years the OpenDNS operations team has…

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The role of government in content filtering

Confusion reigns over a new partnership between the UK government and the region’s largest ISPs. What we know is that Sky, British Telecom, TalkTalk and Virgin have teamed with Prime Minister David Cameron to make it easier for…

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Five questions with an OpenDNS user: Richard Hughes

We have so many great users and have been considering, for a while now, different ways to show our love. Out of those discussions the idea of “Five questions with an OpenDNS user” was born. This will be a recurring post category…

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London servers coming soon. Still.

As of Dec 31, 2006, London is online.

On our network map, we show our four current network nodes in the United States, and provide insight into our future locations. The map, dated July 7, is still accurate as I type this.


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