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OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers HAS ARRIVED!

Today we’re launching OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers. OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers allows MSPs of any size a co-branded version of our popular OpenDNS Enterprise service to their customers.

This service was…

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Proxies and Anonymizers: No Match for OpenDNS

A recent survey of IT Managers revealed that dealing with proxies and anonymizers — websites that allow users on a network to bypass Web content filtering that’s been set up — is a major headache: 87 percent of IT managers in…

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New Feature: Greater Block Page Customization

Starting today, all OpenDNS network administrators can choose whether or not they’d like to include a link to “Contact your network administrator” on the block page that pops up when users on your network try to access…

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Managing your DNS has never been this easy!

I’m happy to show off the first phase of our new OpenDNS Dashboard, which we launched today. Today’s overhaul makes the settings area of the Dashboard dramatically easier to use. But first, let me explain what was wrong with the…

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Finally, a real solution to DNS rebinding attacks

We just launched a subtle new feature for all OpenDNS account holders (it’s free) that helps protect against a class of DNS vulnerabilities known as DNS Rebinding attacks. In short, these attacks take advantage of design flaws or…

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Custom messages get more custom

One of our favorite features is the option to customize the logo and message on OpenDNS Guide for every network in your free account.

Some typical Guide messages:
Australian Zoo and OpenDNS, teaming up to bring you a safer,…

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Don't want to block everything? Use your whitelist!

When we launched OpenDNS Adult Site Blocking in June we gave you the power to block adult websites with simple categories. However, when blocking categories of sites there is sometimes a need for exceptions; that’s why we’re…

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Visualize your DNS with the OpenDNS Dashboard

Our users tell us they want power and intelligence. Or rather, our users want intelligence about their network and the power to make changes.

Today we’re taking it up a notch, turning your OpenDNS Account into a comprehensive…

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